What Jobs Can A Disabled Person Do From Home in 2022

The United States Department of Labor and the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that there are over 54 million disabled persons in the US with different disabilities. In general, it is more difficult for people with disabilities to find work in the United States. What Jobs Can A Disabled Person Do From Home is the biggest question in the world? The unemployment rate for people with disabilities is about 15% higher than for those without a disability.

There are many reasons why it may be difficult to find work if you have a disability. If you have a mental or physical disability, it can be difficult to get around and perform certain tasks that may be necessary at a job. If you have an intellectual or developmental disability, it can be hard to communicate effectively or remember things necessary for the job.

What Kind of Jobs Can My Disability Allow Me To Do?

In today’s society, many people are able to work with a disability. There are many different careers that someone with a disability can pursue. Some people choose to work from home and some people choose to work in an office. There are also jobs out there for people who would like to be their own boss or want the opportunity to travel.

How much money can a disabled person make working from home?

 The amount of money that you can earn at home is dependent on the number of hours per week that you work, your job skills, and how many other people are seeking part-time positions in the same field.

How do you make money if you are disabled?

A disabled person can work from home if they have a disability that does not limit their ability to perform the essential functions of their job. In addition, many people with disabilities are able to do other jobs at home, such as; teaching or tutoring; research or writing; managing a business or office work; instructional work for self-development, such as computer programming, photography, and video production.

A person with a disability may be able to do these jobs from home if they have the help of an assistive device that allows them to perform the job without any limitations. For example, a person who has difficulty walking but can use an electric wheelchair can still teach at home if they are equipped with special hardware (such as laptop computers) that allow them to type on their lap using an electronic keyboard.

What Jobs Can A Disabled Person Do From Home

A disabled person can also seek employment in another field while working from home if this is what they wish to do. For example, the parent of a child with autism might want to stay home and take care of his or her child full-time because this is how he/she would like things done. In addition, there are many other options for people with disabilities looking for part-time positions when their disability.

Can A Disabled Person Really Do an Online Job Sitting at Home?

If you are disabled and want to work from home, then the answer is yes. However, there are many companies that hire people with disabilities for part-time positions. For example, a person with a disability might apply for an office administrator position at a small business that hires one or two people per department. The company would not be hiring someone who used a wheelchair to do this job because it does not require any special skills in order to perform their duties.

what jobs can a disabled person do from home? Let’s have a look!

The following are the Home based online jobs that can A Disabled Person Do From Home without any hassle.

Teach a Subject Online

If we talk about disabled people majority of them are well educated at this time, so it is very easy for them to teach any subject online to students. Online teaching has become a trend in the last 2 years after the worldwide lockdown situation. If a disabled person is a specialist in any subject, he can become an online tutor and start his online academy. He can teach students in person or make a virtual classroom using Skype, Zoom, or Google classroom.

Teach a Language Online

If a person knows more than one language he can teach it to others and earn money. Many students and people travel from one country to another country for study and jobs and want to learn the language of that country. If you have a grip on any foreign language you can teach people online and make money online while staying at home. All you need to do is to post your services on any teaching website and start selling your skills.

What Jobs Can A Disabled Person Do From Home
What Jobs Can A Disabled Person Do From Home

Remote Translator

This service relates to the above-said service, as I narrated above If you know any foreign language you can also provide your services as a Remote Translator. You will have to translate paragraphs, articles or books etc provided by your employers. It is necessary to have good listening skills and a grip on any two languages to offer these services.

Profession-based Online Freelancer

To become a freelancer, you need to have profession-based skills to offer your services to your clients. If you have any marketable skill in which you have the expertise then you can join any freelancing marketplace to sell your skills online. Before jumping into the freelancing field be assured that you should have a strong grip on your skills because there is huge competition in freelancing fields nowadays after the COVID-19 pandemic. It is better to polish your skills by practicing at home for at least 3 months before joining any freelancing marketplace. The people who are questioning What Jobs Can A Disabled Person Do From Home have the opportunity to become freelancers and start selling their skills online.

Be a Freelance Programmer

If you have knowledge about coding and have an interest in programming or you have a degree in software engineering then it is the best and most high-paying skill to sell online. A disabled person can make a handsome amount of money by doing programing and providing his services to clients in software making and troubleshooting any glitches in software or computer language.  It is quite a difficult skill to learn but it also has the potential to make huge revenue.

Graphic Designer

Graphic designing is an evergreen skill and has high demand in every industry. Every business needs graphic designing services for designing their company logo, Flyers, Broachers, and packaging design even a small shopkeeper needs a graphic designer for designing his voucher book or display board.  Graphic Designing is a very vast field and a disabled person can easily take his place in this field. Read the Below Articles to find more about graphic designing skills: –

General Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant manages all schedules and tasks of his employers and also manages other employees as well. Mostly virtual assistant handles sale and email replies to their employer and arrange all necessary things related to employers’ business. Being a virtual assistant is a bit challenging because of managing too many things remotely, but nothing is impossible for those who have work-related skills and want to do work with real zeal and zest.

Social Media Manager

The social media manager is quite an easy job because everyone is familiar with social media nowadays. It is a very easy job for disabled persons. You have to manage social media accounts like, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Creating posts, updating status, and promoting of employer’s business through social media are included in this job.

Video Editor

Video editing is a high demanding skill in the online field. From an Instagram story to Hollywood movies it has a wide scope. This skill has great earning potential and a bright future. If you really want to become successful in the online field, I recommend you to learn video editing skills.

A disabled person can easily learn online by learning this skill. Start from Filmora, Camtasia, and Kinemaster as these are very easy-to-understand software and the ability to edit videos like a pro. After learning and practicing there jump to Adobe Premiere and After Effects and that’s it.

Voice-Over Artist

If you have a good voice and pitch then you can become a voice-over artist. Voice-over artist entertains people by giving their voice in films, videos, and documentaries. You can easily find a job on Fiverr or any other online platform.

 Freelance Content Writer

If you have a grip on English Language and have writing skills, you can easily earn thousands of dollars per month by writing content for websites and articles for any magazine. Experienced Content writers are charging an average of $50 to $100 per article. You can also easily earn this amount if you start today.

Online Proof-reader & Editor

If you think content writing is a boring thing and you don’t want to become a content writer then you can utilize your English language skills by providing the services of a proofreader & Editor. In this scenario, You have to repair pre-written content and remove all grammatical mistakes and give suggestions to improve that content. The author will pay you for this service.

Remote Bookkeeper

In this job, you have to manage the employer’s accounts, business transactions,s, and other financial matters. You have to record daily sales, and expenditure and make profit & loss statements. It is an easy and well-paying online job for disabled persons.

Online Transcriptionist

A transcriptionist is an expert typist who listens to the audio and converts it into written form. It is a very easy job for disabled persons who have good listening power and have a grip on typing. You have to transcript any video, audio, or audiobook into text form and earn money. It is a very well demand skill on the internet and people are all already giving their services in this field and many clients are also waiting for you.

What Jobs Can A Disabled Person Do From Home
What Jobs Can A Disabled Person Do From Home

Passion Mentor/Coach

If a disabled person has great communication skills and can grab the audience with his words then he may become a passionate mentor or motivational speaker. A disabled person suffers from a lot of problems and hardships in his life therefore he has a lot of motivational things to share with people. So share your life journey and your experiences with others and let them guide you that how to survive in life being a disabled person and how to achieve your goals with passion and courage.

Companies that Hire Disabled Persons

A person with a disability might be able to get a full-time position as an office administrator if they were willing to work 40 hours per week. However, most people with disabilities would not be able to do this because it would require them to travel between their homes and their employer’s location every day. If you wanted to stay at home, then there are companies around the country that will hire for these types of positions.

Some companies hire individuals who live in different parts of the country and want to work from their homes for part-time positions ranging from 20-40 hours per week depending on what type of service we provide. Here is the list of companies that hire disabled persons and give them the opportunity to work from home. Let’s check it out!

#Company Name Jobs offeringWhere to apply
1Amazon Accommodations Consultant, Customer Service Operations Manager, DLS Sr. Specialist LSRT,Amazon Jobs
2Meta (Facebook)Copywriter, Communications Manager, Global Recruiting,Jobs at Meta
3AT&TAccount Executive, Customer Service RepresentativeAT&T Jobs
4CENTENE CorporationAccounting Analyst (Entry Level), Customer Service Representative, Health Care ManagerJobs at Centene
5Blue Cross Blue Shield of MichiganClaim Clerk, Support Clerk, Case ManagerJoin Blue Cross
6American ExpressCustomer Care Professional, Staff Engineer, Operational Excellance ManagerAmerican Express Virtual Career
7CVS HealthCall Center Representative, Customer Service RepresentativeJobs at CVS
8Capital OneCustomer Service Representative, Collection Representative Capital one Careers
9American AirlinesAccount Executive, Customer Service RepresentativeJobs at American Airlines
10American Heart AssociationOnline Community Manager, Donor Communication Manager, Policy AnalystAHA Disability Careers
11AccentureCopywriter, Marketing TeamJobs at Accenture
12U.S. BankCall Center Analyst, Mortgage Underwirter, Portfolio ManagerJoin U.S. Bank
13BOEINGExcective Recruiter, Procurement Agent, Compensation SpecialistJoin BOEING
14HumanaInbound Contact Representative, Manager Inside Sales, Businesss Support CoordinatorHumana Careers
15HiltonCopywriter, Customer Service Representative Jobs at Hilton
16LiveOpsDigiatal Communication Specialist, Client Result Associate, Learning Facilitator AssociateJoin Liveops
17United Parcel Service (UPS)Customs Brokerage Representative, Brokerage Account ManagerJoin UPS
18Cox CommunicationsVirtual Telesale Representative, Customer Account Excective, Virtual Digital Inbound Sale RepersentativeJobs at Cox
19KeyBankSocial Media Marketing Expert, Customer Service Specialist, Interchange AnalystJobs at KeyBank
20AllegisTranscriptionist, QC SpecialistAllegis Transcription
21AetnaHelath Conceirge, Claim Benefit Speicialist, Customer Service RepresentativeAetna Jobs
22TCB CorporationCustomer Service Specialist, Finance Accounting Analyst (Entry Level), Regional Retail RecruiterJobs TCB Corp.
23COMCASTVirtual Telesale Representative, Customer Account Excective, Virtual Digital Inbound Sale RepersentativeJobs at Comcast
24General MotorsSenior Android Developer, Business Data Analyst, Content Designer-UX writerJobs at GM
25EnterpriseCustomer Service Representative, Reservation Sales RepresentativeJobs at Enterprise
26MozillaSenior Visual Desginer, Product Manager, Senior Software EngineerJobs at Mozilla
27XeroxData Entry Operator, Client Manager, Credit & Collection RepresentativeJobs at Xerox
28GitHubSenior Software Engineer, Product Excective Assistant, Strategic Sourcing SpecialistJobs at GitHub
29NielsenCall Center Recall Specialist, Outbound Call CenterJoin Nielsen
30United Health GroupCustomer Service Representative, Health & Social Service CoordinatorJobs at United Health Group
31KaplanSocial Media Manager, Customer Support, Executive Assistant Join Kaplan


The online world is competitive, and the competition is only increasing. There are a lot of people who want to work from home, but there are not enough jobs to go around. It can be difficult for people to find the right job for them when they have no experience or skills in a particular area. Always keep following two things in mind to work online for achieving your goals: –

i. Be flexible with your schedule: One of the most important things that you should do when looking for an online job is to be flexible with your schedule. The best thing about working from home is that you can set your own hours and work as much or as little as you want! However, if you’re looking for a full-time job then make sure that it is possible for you to work a full-time schedule.

ii. Consider the type of job that you want: Do you want to work from home or in an office? What are your skills and experience levels? You should also consider what kind of online jobs are available that you would like to do.

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