30 Best Stay At Home Dads Jobs To Earn Money in 2023

Staying at home and watching your kids grow in front of your eyes and being available for them all the time is a different kind of pleasure that not everyone gets. But these kids can’t survive on the income of one of their parents.

It would help if you found a job that would let you care for your babies and pay your bill simultaneously. Plenty of job offers and gigs allow you to sit at home and get paid a significant amount of money through which you can help your spouse in the household and take care of the baby.

You can find many jobs online; due to the current urge of the world to become digitalized, virtual online jobs are increasing daily. After the worldwide pandemic, going to the office and working was impossible, so everybody shifted to working from home and online; this gave many stays at home dads great jobs and something to earn for their families.

If you are searching for an online job or a business idea that will help you get started in some business while staying at home, you are reading the right article. Don’t worry if you are a housewife, as you can also earn from online part time jobs for housewives!

Legit Jobs for Stay at Home Dads

I have gathered helpful information for stay-at-home dads that will help them find the right job and boost their careers. If you find any of the below-given jobs proper and want to do them, you will enjoy both worlds by living with your babies and working simultaneously. So, let’s get started!

Stay At Home Dad jobs

1. Use Your Grammar Skills

If you are good at spotting grammatical errors in a text or think your grammar is pretty good to become an editor or proofreader, you can get a significant amount of money. Many companies trust online content and need help managing their content online. They are searching for a proofreader or editor to sort their grammatical error and cross-check it for other errors. You can find Amazon proofreading jobs without investing dollars purely using grammar skills.

The demand for proofreaders is increasing rapidly due to the increase in online content creation and different websites writing about their products. No one wants to read content that has a grammatical error in it. An average salary of a proofreader in the US is $54,805, which usually falls between $48056 to $63.096; this is excellent money if you have to proofread some already written content and sit in the comfort of your own house.

2. English Teaching

If you think your English is fluent and can’t find a way to earn from this skill. You can start teaching English online. Many foreigners and exchange students in the US who can’t speak proper English are trying to find a good teacher who can teach them well and help them live in the country.

Multiple companies want to hire English language teachers in some colleges and universities. A specific section is available for online teaching; you can take the job and teach online at these colleges and universities.

Many platforms want to teach English online; VIPKID is one of the options in which you can get paid $25 per hour. There is a big chance that you will need to teach Chinese students studying in the US who can’t speak English. You do not need any specific degree for this; take the job with whatever degree you have. But you must have the required skill.

3. Become a Tutor

You can earn some extra money by becoming an online tutor. If you think you have the basic skills to teach some subjects online to students, you will end up earning a lot of money. You can take affiliation with some colleges and universities to teach their students online. If you have the guts and strong teaching skills, you can teach a bunch of students, these companies will hire you, and you can get great money.

Many online tutoring sites are working and ready to hire tutors; many students like to subscribe to these online tutoring classes. Military Spouse Employment Partnership (MSEP) tutor is ready to hire home-based dads and allow them to earn at home. You can teach Science, math, computer science, or any other subject you are good at.

4. Virtual Bookkeeper

If you are a stay at home dad and have some basic knowledge about accounting and some experience. In that case, you can quickly become a bookkeeper and earn significant money to help your wife with household expenses and provide for your kids. You will have to get some training before entering the world of bookkeeping; you don’t have to go back to college to get some accounting degree. You can do it by learning about bookkeeping at your home.

You should have a basic knowledge and understanding of how bookkeeping works, and then you can start looking for clients. Many free workshops on the internet will help you learn bookkeeping skills.

5. Transcription Work

You can make it work and get money if you are a stay-at-home dad with typing skills. There are different types of transcription in business today; legal and medical transcription are more common. In general transcription, you must convert any audio or video format into a written document. General transcription is one of the easiest transcriptions. You need to enhance your listening skills, and then you are good to go.

Different companies offer transcription jobs to people, but they require some specific degree or take a test to check the typing speed and set the criteria to 50 to 80 words per minute speed. Medical and legal fieldwork is ideal for people with previous experience in nursing or related field.

6. Social Media Marketer

If you are staying at home and spending hours on social media and wonder if this can be a source of earning for you. The answer to your question is yes; many social media marketers earn money through these platforms. You can use your social media skills and promote various goods and products and gain a decent income while staying at your home. You can create engaging content for social media, do vlogging for YouTube and write blogs for your website; all these are sources of income for you.

Social media managers earn $56,423 per year on average, which is increasing with the increase in technology and people finding new and better ideas for unique content creation. Being a social media marketer is one of the most amazing jobs that will provide you best earning opportunities for your future.

7. Become a Freelance Writer

You can become a freelance writer and earn a good amount of money by staying home. Some freelance writers can make $2000 a month if they have writing skills; they can transform their writing skills into a home-based job and earn well. First, you must create a job portfolio to show your writing skills to potential clients willing to hire you for their writing work. You can work as a freelance writer on multiple platforms such as Fiverr, Upwork, Problogger.com, and Contently. You will find various legitimate and high-paying clients on these jobs.

You can offer various niches on which you can write; if you know you have the caliber and the potential to write, nothing can stop you from earning a handsome amount of money as it is one of the best stay at home jobs for dads. You can write on different niches or start a blog of your own.

8. Sell Your Artwork Online

If you think you have the gift of art, you can start working online and gain money by selling your artwork online on multiple shopping sites and earning quick money. There are different platforms on which you can sell your artwork, such as Etsy; this gives you the space to create your shop and set up your price tag. Usually, these artists can make $500 to $1000 per year for these artworks. Some people are crazy about art and are ready to spend thousands of dollars on a single artwork if they like it.

You can take inspiration online and start drawing and doing art; this way, you can earn a significant amount of money while staying at your house and then take great pictures of your art to sell it online. If you are good at artwork, you can easily photoshoot your artwork and put it online. Great photography is as important as art if you want to make money online.

9. Become a Graphic Designer

You may not be good at writing or have fast typing skills, but you might have a good eye for becoming a graphic designer. You can earn great money if you consider yourself good at graphic design. Graphic designing is becoming a trendy field where you can get a handsome amount of money, which is very much in demand. If you have been in this field before or you like tinkering on different sites such as Canva, you can try your luck in graphic design.

You can start by taking a look at Canva and learn what a graphic designer needs to do; you will have a ready-made template and create social media posters, flyers, logos, and much more with just a few clicks. It would help if you had an artistic eye, and a unique graphics setup will be enough. You can create eye-catching graphics and customize multiple fonts, sizes, and colors.

10. Real Estate Agent

If you have a little investment to kick-start your real estate agent work, you can earn double your investment in no time. This job indeed pays more than you could imagine with some investment of time and money. If you are a real estate agent, you will earn a commission if you sell a house or a property. This way, the income will be directly proportional to the amount of work you can do. If you sell more than 1 house or property in a day, you will probably have more commission at the end, and we are not talking about a few bucks here. You can earn $91,927 on average per year. But this is just an average of what people earn; the top earners indeed earn much more than that.

You can also increase your earnings in such a way; you can buy properties that need renovations and then sell them by keeping a considerable profit. Before entering the real estate market, you must prepare for it, fix some property, and market it effectively to attract buyers. If you think you can put effort and have the sense of earning profit from this field, then adopt this field. Otherwise, you can also face some severe damage.

11. Start Your Blog

Starting your log might take time to get good ratings, but you can earn a good amount of money once it starts gaining traffic. Blogging is an online business where you can write unique and engaging content and earn considerable money. Blogging is one of the perfect jobs for stay-at-home dads. It is one of the ways to earn a 6-figure income from your home while taking care of your children and working flexible hours. You can write about anything but the content must be accurate and engaging.

If you want to become a blogger, the only key is to be patient and consistent. Building up a following might take some time, and there is a chance you want to give up. But, when you get some following, and your content gets appreciated, you will earn $37,657 per year on average, and there are top earners as well.

12. Data Entry

Data entry is one of the best jobs for dads who stay at home; it is a desk remote job that you can do at home easily when your kids are playing in front of your eyes. This job can take place at flexible hours, and you can decide when is the right time for you. It is an excellent job for dads whose kids need constant attention. When the data is entered accurately and you have met the client’s deadline, you can rest or spend time with your kids.

There are multiple websites where you can find these jobs or freelancing groups that offer and post data entry jobs daily. You can also create a data entry profile on Upwork or Fiverr and make a gig to attract clients.

13. Start Affiliate Marketing

If you enjoy telling people about your favorite products and want to get paid for them, this job is for you. Becoming an affiliate marketer is one of the real jobs for stay-at home dads that can pay them a significant amount of money.

Affiliate marketing is a business where you have to promote a brand or different products sent to you and get a commission on each product you sell. This job can be a natural fit for you, and you can earn a significant amount of money if you can talk about different tech gadgets and other products.

Different companies like to hire these affiliate marketers to promote their brands and products; all they are looking for is excellent communication skills. You will not have to create the product; you need to brag about it to people via social media, and you can earn a significant amount of money.

14. Flea Market Flipper

If you have a good eye and can collect beautiful, unique stuff by visiting thrift stores and garage sales, you can earn significant money while staying home. Usually, people find a flea market a place to find treasures at a low price, but if you are an entrepreneur, you can use this flea market as a severe profit earner.

You need to find high-quality items at a low price and sell them for $500 to $1000 every month. On average, you can earn $133,000 in one year by flipping the products from the flea market into your product and selling them at high prices.

The first thing you would want to become a flipper is to carefully search for the products that can give you excellent worth and list them on various shopping sites such as eBay and craigslist and earn profit. These flea markets can be a source of high income if you are willing to research.

15. Make a Home Daycare

You can open a daycare at your home if you are staying at your house all day and already taking care of your babies; then why not open a daycare and earn some good money by taking care of other babies?

This job can sometimes be challenging because handling and taking care of a lot of babies can be a handful of tasks and requires creativity, energy, and a lot of patience to deal with those little creatures. Taking care of children requires care and attention, but it also comes with a rewarding income.

To start a daycare, you will need an open space, probably a massive room and a playground, and put stuff in it that can add creativity to your place and give a playful environment to the kids. You can easily earn $17 per hour with each kid. Some people are also charging a lot more to provide a daycare service.

16. Podcast Production

Podcasts are gaining massive traffic on social media these days, and people have adopted them as a separate career and profession. You can become a podcast producer or virtual assistant and earn significant money.

You will have to set up an office inside your house where you can invite some guests, anyone from your friends or family, or anyone with whom you can create engaging content, and you think people will like your conversation. You can then edit these podcasts and upload them on your social media accounts; you will earn perfect money if your content is new, innovative, and engaging.

17. Upcycling

Upcycling is a job you will have to do after flipping out some clothes or other products from the flea market and tying them up to sell them at your desired rate. You will have to clean up and make them look new; you can do it with the help of cheap paint, some new accessories, or wallpaper in them. You can sell furniture after flipping them from a flea market and do upcycling of the products with the help of some cheap covering materials you can quickly get from the market.

You can buy and sell products from Facebook and many other sites that can help transfer your products to the desired place, as furniture and other products can be heavy to deliver. You can also upscale other products, such as clothes and shoes, and sell them by flipping them.

18. Amazon Selling

You can become an amazon seller by making or buying products from the nearby market and selling them for profit. You can sell your item on amazon by adding pictures of your product and delivering your product to amazon.

Amazon is an excellent place to stock, store, and ship your products to customers. You must click great pictures of your products and check for new orders. You can design or make any product quickly and think it can provide you with good money. Amazon selling is one of the highest-paying work from home dad jobs.

19. Start Closed Captioning

Starting closed captioning is somewhat similar to transcription; there are two types of closed captioning: online and offline. You will have to extract written content from audio or video recordings.

The purpose of doing closed captioning is to provide commentary and captions for the deaf community. Then there is also offline closed captioning; it is best for beginners when you are new to this business; you can start with closed captioning. It is a slow type of closed captioning, where you can do captioning whenever it is easy for you.

You can get started with this job; you only need a laptop, good typing speed, and a reliable internet connection. You can change the rate from per video to per hour or whatever pays you more. Many websites work for this purpose, such as Rev is an excellent first port for calling and creating captions.

20. Become a Social Media Manager

If you spend quite a lot of time on TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn, you can offer your services as a social media manager and make money. It is one of the best stay-at-home dads’ jobs that they can do easily just by putting their skills to work.

If you are a tech-savvy stay at home dad, this job is more in demand than you could ever imagine. A local store near you might want to sell its products online but doesn’t know how to sell products online and set up an online job. You can provide your tech-savvy skills and create an online shop for them.

You can use your video editing, networking, and hashtag skills to work, promote different products and brands, and earn money. Some people with a phobia of tech like to pay people who know tech more than they do, so they offer permanent online jobs for tech-savvy people.

21. Become a Web Designer

You can become a web designer if you have technical skills in you. Usually, people don’t like to indulge in this field as it is a little complex and difficult to handle and give time. If you can work on systems like WordPress and are willing to learn how it works, you can quickly develop websites for high-paying clients.

There are different platforms on which people like to hire people with web designing skills, such as Fiverr and Upwork; you can make an account and add your gig on these platforms and take clients.

Some people might want to create their job and don’t know the essential skill of creating a shop or time to do it; they would love to hire you if you listen to their requirements carefully and work according to them. If you can design a web, you can create your site and pages to promote your work and show people your capability.

22. Airbnb Host

If you have a guest room in the house that gets filled once or twice a year and stay empty in between, you can redecorate it and start offering Airbnb services. You can start your journey and ensure you don’t turn away potential customers and provide an excellent and hospitable environment. You can earn $49,367 per year as an Airbnb host and charge more or less depending upon the guests’ experience and what reviews they give you.

23. SEO Consultant

There are multiple websites available on the internet that look good but looking good is not what matters. If there is no traffic on your website and no one can find you online, your website is useless. SEO is search engine optimization that will bring traffic to your website and make you significant money.

Almost all businesses have shifted online, and everybody wants to make their website top rated; you can show your SEO on-page skills to gain traffic on their websites and earn good money. There are many opportunities in which companies are looking for an SEO consultant on LinkedIn and other freelancing sites where you can earn money by using your search engine skills.

24. Customer Service Representative

When you dial a company helpline, a person listens to your calls, understands your query, and then forwards your request to the company to solve it. Sometimes, if the problem is short, the customer service representative might solve it by telling you the solution. Many companies offer this job, where you can sit at home, answer calls, and solve customer problems.

It is a remote job, and you need to work for fixed hours; you can also answer queries via email or web chat. Companies need reliable people to become their company’s voice and are willing to give a permanent job if you are consistent with your work.

25. Travel Consultant

If you are a stay-at-home dad looking for a job to solve your financial problem, you can become an online travel consultant or set up an office at home and start this business. You will have to manage travel positions for the clients and make a detailed plan for their traveling. You can arrange their tickets for the cruise line, airline, resort, and excursion bookings. Different companies give travel bonuses to the worker, through which they can travel with their families.

26. Health Coach

If you like working out, staying fit, and meditating daily, you can earn quite well from this healthy habit. You can become a health coach, make meal plans for your clients, and make them learn new exercises from you. You can post videos of yourself online to teach some health and fitness exercises. You can also post videos about meditation and other fitness exercises; along with physical fitness, you can shift towards mental fitness and make people aware of some good healthy exercises to change their lifestyle and become healthy.

27. Become a Recruiting Coordinator

You can become a recruiting coordinator and take online interviews for different companies. Some companies are searching for suitable employees but don’t have time to find and recruit them through a proper interviewing process.

Those companies try to find skilled, qualified people with the talent to ask related questions about the field and other questions to judge if they suit well for the company and recruit them. These companies pay a good amount of money to stay-at-home dads for recruiting.

You need to identify candidates that have the potential to serve the company for a long time and have the skills that match the job requirement. This job can be tricky sometimes because if the company does not find the employee good enough, they might cut your salary or take back your job. The recruiting agent is getting $18 per hour.

28. Carpenter

If you have the skill for woodwork and are good at it, you can consider becoming a carpenter. You can set up your garage where you can work and start by repairing some furniture for neighbors. You can charge them $22 per hour. There are many high-paying carpenters as well; you can ask for an increased pay rate depending on your work.

29. Plumber

You can earn from this skill if you fix a dripping faucet at home or a leaking shower. If you have this skill, you can start this business that will offer you to fix leaks around the neighborhood with minimum work, and you can earn $22 per hour. Becoming a plumber is an easy job; you don’t need any degree or don’t have to be an expert. Just some basic skills and tools can solve your problem and give you a good amount of money.

30. Become a Photographer

Photography is a skill; not everyone can become a photographer. To become one, you must have an eye for it and keep struggling to work better. If you have photography skills, you can earn $38,000 per year without a doubt, and this income can increase with the increase in the ratings of the photographers.

If you know how to click beautiful photos when you go sightseeing or picnic, you can also take online courses to learn the latest and new techniques for clicking photos. You may want to decide the niche of the photography you will be doing and buy an excellent pixelated camera to get started.

Where Can You Search for Stay at Home Dads Jobs?

Many websites are offering to give remote jobs that are essential for stay-at-home dads. You can start looking for jobs within your social circle; you can ask your friends if they know of a job opportunity and then decide which job suits you. Websites such as Ziprecruiter and Indeed offer jobs online, and you can find more than one option.

Final Thoughts

If you are a dad who stays at home and wonders how to make money as a stay at home dad, this article contains all the essential information for you. You can find multiple ideas that you can adopt and earn money. When you can provide for your kids, give them a healthy lifestyle and be with them when they need you, what else you’ll ask for? You can adopt any diverse job idea and earn a good amount of money to pay your bills and help your spouse take care of other expenses.

There are different ideas mentioned above; some are easy, and you can do with a bit of change in your routine, and some are a little technical, and you will have to set a proper timetable for them. But when a job is paying well, who cares about little changes? You can become a babysitter; who doesn’t love babies? You can also consider a social media manager; everybody loves spending time on social media, so why not earn from it? I hope this article and list of jobs help you decide what you need to do with your future and how you can use your skills and earn good money. Good Luck!

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