20 Small Business Ideas for Veterans for Business Opportunities

Are you looking for small business ideas for veterans to transition into entrepreneurship? With your skills in attention to detail, discipline, and goal-oriented mindset, you have what it takes to succeed in a small business. Veterans have a proven track record of success in civilian life.

The opportunities are endless if you’re ready to take on the challenge of starting your own company. This guide will provide a comprehensive list of small business ideas and resources to help you get started. Let’s dive in and explore the possibilities!

Small Business Ideas for Veterans

Small Business Ideas for Veterans

The following list of small business ideas for veterans may help them to survive in civilian life.

Get into Private Security

Private security services are a perfect match for most veterans because their skills are perfect for this business. Their self-defense knowledge, combat training, and ability to work under immense pressure make them perfect for security services.

They keep a keen eye on everything around you and protect you from danger. You can hire them for your security and get their services for events or start your security firm under the veteran’s guidelines.

Government Contractor

Becoming a government contractor is a considerable benefit for veterans and is one of the most lucrative jobs. The government requires private contractors for IT and technology, network security, logistic management, etc. Mostly government hires at least 3% of veterans for these services, so you can also get a good start for your civilian life.

Construction or Contracting Company

Start your construction or contracting company because this industry involves many services. This business idea is excellent for you if you can handle a team of workers and are good with your hands.

The key to success for this business is to find a niche market that can provide you with a lucrative site for your business so that you can use your skills better to get an advantage.

Open a Retail Business

Starting a retail business is a great choice to get into entrepreneurship. This way, business owners can set a business model according to their passion and requirements. For this, they must get the services of dedicated people who can run their business with their multitasking ability. Veterans can do it easily because it is a part of their training.

Open a Restaurant or Bar

Opening a restaurant or bar is great to prove your abilities to work under pressure and look after things in a fast-paced environment. Moreover, it is also essential to get the right location for your business to establish yourself as a veteran in the market and provide a loyal customer base that the other owners don’t provide.

Automotive Sales or Repair

The automotive industry has lots of opportunities for business people. It is an excellent decision to start the service garage because it is the easiest way to invest in a small business and then turn your way bigger. You can also start selling vehicles on a small scale, and once you profit, you can increase business with further investments.

Become a Personal Trainer

Service members undergo exercise and fitness training to remain fit and strong. They have a basic understanding of physical fitness and can convert these skills into a business idea.

Start to provide service as a personal trainer or even you can also establish a gym. Moreover, as a veteran, you can inspire others with your physical fitness and bring them greatness.

Try Logistics

Overseeing complicated operations, leadership, attention to detail, and multitasking are all abilities that make you perfect for the logistics industry. There is a wide range of applications for these skills in logistics because the definition of logistics is broad. Warehousing, transportation, planning, event management, and other various things can make way for veterans who encounter these factors during their military service.

Use the Technical Skills

The armed services significantly impact technology and the IT sector as they use the industry’s various advanced high-tech equipment. So if you are familiar with these services, become an IT consultant because it is highly in demand in this era of technology and proves an excellent fit for you.

Become a Firearms Trainer

Safety and firearm training go hand in hand in military services and are skills civilians don’t have. So you can get an advantage and become a firearm trainer. Moreover, you can also open a shooting range where you train people to enhance their shooting abilities. This way, you can teach others how to protect themselves against danger. You can also make revenue through this process.

Become a Leadership Consultant

During military service, veterans work in a team, and they know how to lead a team, work with the team, and in which way drive the team members to get the goal. Every business requires good leadership and training so that everyone can work with great passion.

Business owners may need a consultant to help them improve the skills that can help them improve the business structure. So start a consulting firm to train managers, business leaders, and executives to develop lasting leadership skills.

Support Other Veterans

Veterans deserve and need a wide range of support, so you can start a business that can directly help the veterans. For this, you can start a business for rehabilitation, start support entrepreneurs, provide them with mental health counseling, or provide a service design that can help them transition into civilian life.

Open an Adventure-Based Business

Veterans go through different circumstances and can survive in various environments. Opening an adventure-based business is lucrative and brings lots of fun. So you can help people with paragliding, skydiving, rafting, bungee jumping, horse riding, etc., and earn a good income for these services.

Focus on Outdoor Skills

Veterans ahs various outdoor skills that most individuals want to know. These skills may become an excellent foundation for your small business. You can teach civilians how to survive in the wilderness and enjoy the outdoor environment. So become creative and find a niche market suitable for these skills like fishing, hunting, hiking, etc.

Start a Home-Based Business

With some investment, you can start a business from home, use your working skills, and show your passion to others. You can start selling home-baked products, graphic designing, affiliate marketing, handyman-for-hire, drop shipping, and more. Only find your passion and go with it!

Open a Gym

Cities and even towns have room for a good gym. Whether your gym is a general, fighting-based gym for boxing, MMA, or a 24-hour place, veterans have many opportunities. It is one of the most ambitious and knowledgeable small businesses for veterans.

Become a Guide

A good guide can earn a good income if they have a lot of passion and eagerness to explore different places. You can open a guide office and help tourists explore tourist attractions and also guide them for fishing, hunting, and many more.

Butcher Shop

Opening a butcher shop or meat locker in ranching and farming areas is a fantastic opportunity. It is a good idea as people can get service at low rates in their local shop and will not go to marts where they have to pay more for cutting meet. However, this business is not for everyone, but it is an excellent option if you can.

Snake Gaiters

Most veterans love animals, which will become a great business opportunity. It is a conventional business and can go niche. You can become a snake gaiter and can guard people against snake bites. Use your creativity and work ethic as your business opportunity.

Franchises for Veterans

Lots of franchises love to work with veterans. These franchises launch different benefits like financial support programs to attract veterans so that they can join their company. Veterans have qualities like hard work, discipline, and leadership, which are essential to running a successful franchise.

Veteran Business Opportunities

Veteran Business Opportunities

Here is a list of franchises looking for veterans’ services. You can consider one of them if you are looking for small businesses for veterans.

Papa Murphy’s

Papa Murphy’s is a well-known and great franchise for veteran entrepreneurs and the 5th largest pizza franchise in the US. They introduce a unique program for veterans and offer costs of up to 50% for their initial start-up.

This franchise also gives various facilities to veterans and other active military members who will retire soon. So if you want to work with this franchise, visit their official website for more information.

Ups Store

UPS also supports veterans and ranks among the ten best franchises. The UPS Store can fit any veteran with any logistic experience, and they provide about $10,000 off any military service wanting to purchase this franchise.

Two Men And a Truck

Everyone may not have a friend to help deal with this big hauling job. But it still needs people who can do this job nicely, and this idea leads to creating a franchise like this. Two Men And a Truck is known for hiring charity drivers for veteran services.

Lawn Doctor

It is also the most prominent franchise for lawn services. Lawn Doctor offers partial financing and requires qualified veteran businesspersons. They also provide $10,00 off as an initial start-up cost. If you love nature, then it is an excellent opportunity for you.

Fast Signs

Fast signs is another best B2B franchises consistently up for awards and bringing opportunities for veterans.

Sports Clips

Give you training and learn skills so you can earn wherever you want. Sports clips also offer 20% off for their franchise to the veterans.

Resources for Veteran-Owned Businesses

The Small Business Administration introduces various resources, especially for promoting entrepreneurship among veterans. The dependents, survivors, and active duty service members all are eligible to get an advantage from these resources.

They can access business preparation support and capital, mentorship, building connection, and other things. For more info, you can visit the Small Business Administration page.

You can also get an advantage from the Lender Match tool to utilize their loan programs specially designed for veterans.

Moreover, the Veterans Business Outreach Center Programs handle a network of centers nationwide to support veterans in their business plans and training.

Final Words

In conclusion, veterans possess unique skills and experiences that make them excellent candidates for entrepreneurship. The business ideas mentioned above provide a starting point for veterans to explore their options and turn their talents into successful ventures.

With the help of resources and support available to them, such as government programs and community organizations, veterans can leverage their strengths and achieve their entrepreneurial goals.

Starting a business can be a challenging and rewarding endeavor, especially for those who have served in the military. The ideas discussed in this article showcase the potential for veterans to channel their experiences into successful businesses.

With determination, creativity, and support, veterans can embark on a fulfilling journey as entrepreneurs, contributing meaningfully to the economy and society.

Frequently Asked Questions

Offer discounts for veterans, be authentic, support VSOs, and feature them in your community as they serve their nation. So, you are responsible for marketing them without hesitation and with proper support.

It is based on various factors, but some of the jobs can provide support to make money while entering civilian life:

  1. Engineer
  2. Information Technology Professional
  3. Business Administrator or Manager
  4. Skilled Tradesman
  5. Manufacturing Technician
  6. Sales Managers
  7. Financial Advisor
  8. Human Services Representative

The following resources provide support to veterans.

  • Operation Family Fund
  • The American Legion Temporary Financial Assistance
  • The National Association of American Veterans, Inc
  • USACares
  • Operation First Response

If you have military service earnings for your active duty, including training, you can get Social Security wages credited to your earning record.

Veterans can benefit from three major areas: education, job training, and medical care. All of these skills can make way for their livelihood.

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