17 Most Profitable Resin Crafts to Sell Online in 2023

Are you into resin crafting work and looking for ways to start a profitable crafts business? Or do you have some resin crafts to sell at home and want to know where to start? Don’t worry; I am here to help you in this regard!

Sometimes you have unique crafting skills but do not know how to sell items you manufacture and make them profitable. If you are a Resin crafter, I’m sure you are confused about selling Resin items. Resin crafting is straightforward and profitable if you know how to make them look fancy and attractive.

This article will provide a complete guide to making beautiful resin crafts, their selling process, and the best places to sell them. Read the article; you will know today how other crafters are making a profit by designing and selling resin crafts.

Best Resin Crafts to Sell

Resin crafting is famous due to its fancy and attractive look. If you start Resin crafting, it is best to know the most profitable and trending Resin crafts to sell among people and the market.

You have to make that trending product and sell it to get a good profit. Crafters make those items that customer wants, so here is the list of the most profitable resin crafts to sell that people love to buy and order.

1. Resin Coasters

resin coasters

Resin coasters are simple crafts that are made from epoxy resin. They protect the surfaces as a barrier between mugs or glasses. You can make them as decoration pieces and sell them reasonably.

2. Resin Picture Frames

Resin Picture Frames

Resin picture frames allow painting and designing art using unique and vibrant colors. Making them in different styles and shapes enhances their beauty, and people are attracted to them more. You can sell resign crafts and make it a profitable business.

3. Resin Jewelry

Resin Jewelry

Wearable jewelry made with epoxy resin is unique, and people love it. Epoxy is a crystal-like material that you can use to make a different jewelry style and sell at an excellent price to earn profit.

4. Resin Art

Resin Art

When epoxy resin combines different colors and pigments, you can create something unique in different patterns. They are a beautiful medium for creating unique art pieces; when they dry out, they look stunning.

5. Resin Jewelry boxes

Resin Jewelry Boxes

You can make different and beautiful resin jewelry boxes that have unique designs. Resin jewelry is so famous among women; they love to buy it, and if you make them, you will profit from them.

6. Resin-Paper Weights

Resin-Paper Weights

Making resign paperweight is a cool and easy-to-make idea. You can make a beautiful paperweight, gift it to any friend, or sell it in a market. You will surely get good money if you make them with good designs.

7. Resin Trays

Resin Trays

Making resin trays is also superb because women always search for kitchen equipment. If you know how to make creative resin trays, try them and earn extra money.

8. Resin Pet Tags

Resin Pet Tags

People who love pets always buy something unique for their pets. Resin crafting on pet tags is a perfect idea if you are a beginner; tags are splash water resistant, so making them will not make you lose anything.

9. Resin Keychains

Resin Keychains

Use epoxy resin and create unique keychains that most people like. It will be perfect if you make alphabet keychains people love to buy them. Create some designs and creativity over them and make them look beautiful. You can earn good money by selling them.

10. Resin Doorknobs

Resin Doorknobs

Resin doorknobs are tricky to make, but if you know how to make them or buy them from any market and sell them with a good margin, it will be a perfect idea. You can make them in different designs by using pebbles and beats.

11. Resin Hair clips

Resin Hair Clips

Hairclips are the need of every woman, and making them will be perfect if you earn a good profit at starting. You can make them in different colors and sprinkles; they look wonderful and sell well.

12. Resin Bowls

Resin Bowls

Resin bowls need time and focus; if you are a beginner, they are not perfect for you, but if you know how to make them, then try them; you will get a good profit by selling beautiful and colorful bowls.

13. Resin Rings

Resin Rings

Jewelry pieces made from resin are attractive and unique. You can use UV resin or polyester resin to make different sizes of rings. They will be sold in bulk if you make them colorful and attractive.

14. Resin Runes and Crystals

Resin Runes and Crystals

Runes and crystals are unique items that you can make if you like. It is very tricky to make them, but if you know how to make them, it will help you get good money because they are so rare.

15. Resin Pens

Resin Pens

Resin pens are also the simplest idea to sell. You can write quotes, words, or letters on them to give them a beautiful look. Gifting pens is a wholesome gift; people will surely love to buy them from you for their loved ones.

16. Resin Memory Ornaments

Resin Memory Ornaments

Memory ornaments are one of the best gifts that most people like to give to loved ones to memorize their good days. So, if you know how to make them, you can earn good money by selling beautiful quoted ornaments with specific dates.

17. Resin Statues

Resin Statues

Most people avoid making resin statues because they require time and hard work. But if you have the talent for making different statues, you can cast statues that look like marble or stone.

Materials For DIY Resin Crafting

Before starting the Resin crafting, there are a few materials that you will need. You can give any shape and look to those materials with your crafting ability.

There is an unlimited variety that you can use for resin crafting; get the material that you can afford. Here is a list of a few crucial materials to start Resin crafting.

MaterialsUsability in resin craftsCostAvailability
FabricLowLow to ModerateWidely Available
ClayLowLow to ModerateWidely Available
Paper ItemsLowLowWidely Available
ButterfliesMediumLow to ModerateWidely Available
SticksLowLowWidely Available
StickersMediumLow to ModerateWidely Available
GlittersHighLow to ModerateWidely Available
WoodHighLow to ModerateWidely Available
Metal ItemsHighModerate to HighWidely Available
Plastic FiguresMediumLow to ModerateWidely Available
PowdersMediumLow to ModerateWidely Available
BugsLowLowWidely Available
WaterMediumLowWidely Available
ToothpicksLowLowWidely Available
TapeLowLowWidely Available
ApronLowLowWidely Available
GlovesLowLow to ModerateWidely Available
Cleaning AlcoholLowLow to ModerateWidely Available
Measuring CupLowLowWidely Available
Plastic ContainerLowLowWidely Available
Hand CleanerLowLowWidely Available
Stir StickLowLowWidely Available

If any material from these is not at your home, or you cannot get it from the market, then skip that material from your resin crafting. You can get more items if there are at your house. Or if you can afford to purchase from the market, you can get various items to use and paste on crafting material.

The Material You Have to Avoid

Crafting involves various exceptional materials so that you can use them for the process, but a few other things should be avoided. Few materials are unsuitable for resin crafting, do not use them in your crafting, as they will damage the whole process.

The items that contain moisture are not suitable for the process. When water reacts with the crafting material, it turns out brown. Any moisture material can turn your whole design into brown color. Here are a few things that you have to avoid in resin crafting.

  • Leaves
  • Fresh Vegetables
  • Fresh Flowers
  • Fresh Fruit

If you have dried vegetables and fruits, you can add them to your crafting, but only if they are scorched.

DIY Resin Crafting Ideas

You can make any design unique and beautiful with just a little effort. Making Resin designs and starting your business is a beautiful idea. There is no limit to taking material, color, or scale; even you can make resin designs anytime and anywhere. Here are a few DIY resin crafts to sell at big markets and get massive profits.

1. Resin Coater

You can make a simple item like a Resin coaster. It is the most incredible way to use pebbles and seashells you have collected from different places to make beautiful items. You can use a jar lid as a mold for coasters; ensure that the lid must not of a greater size.

The procedure is not complex; you have to put some pebbles and seashells into the lid, and the pebbles and seashells must not be taller than the edge of the lid. Now put the resin mixture into the lid and let it sit. You can cover it with any glass sheet and then decorate it on the table of your drawing room.

You can sell it to anyone or in the market with a considerable profit. If your crafting looks impressive, people will love to buy them and put them in their living rooms as decoration.

2. Marbled Resin Coffee Table

Resin is fun if you add colors to it and make it more fascinating and captivating. You can use different colors to make your resin design more unique and colorful.

You can turn the coffee table of your home into a whole new table by decorating it with colors and putting colored crystal slices on it. There are a lot of ideas that you can use and make your table more charming than before. Customize the table as your wish, and then let it dry.

After drying it, you can take beautiful and clear pictures in which all the colors and designs must be visible and then upload them on different sites. Your beautiful coffee table will catch people’s eyes in no time.

Where To Sell Resin Crafts?

When you have experience in resin crafting, it is time to start your business by selling your products. You must choose profitable and big markets to sell your items if you want a hefty profit. Here are a few of the places where you can get a lot of customers:

1. Etsy Store

Etsy is one of those places that is famous for selling handsome and significant products. Many categories and items fit into Etsy, and you can sell them there to get a considerable profit. Thousand of people are using Etsy daily to sell and purchase items there; it would be an excellent platform for you to start your business.

2. Classified Ads

Heavy and oversized items, like furniture, are perfect for selling through classified ads. Making your product ads and then upload on Facebook and Craigslist marketplace is good to go.

Many people are using these websites to communicate with people; you can post your product Ads there so that many people will see them, and the interested ones will contact you.

3. Local Craft Fairs

You have to find local events where you think your products will get a good chance of selling. Choose those platforms that have many audiences.

4. Your E-Commerce Store

You have to make your shop on a famous site, like, Shopify; you can sell many products there due to thousands of customers. People visit this site to purchase perfect and fancy items to decorate their houses or to wear on special occasions.

5. Local Craft Stores

There are a lot of gift shops where owners buy unique resin crafts from local artists. You can use these shops to sell your crafts, but your products must be the most beautiful and unique among the other items, so the customer has to attract toward it before going to other items in the shop.

6. Amazon

It is a platform where millions of people are doing their business and selling their products. Millions of customers visit Amazon daily to buy items for themselves and decorate their houses. You can use this platform to sell any big or small item.

7. Instagram

Instagram is one of those sites that is super easy to use for selling your products. Thousands of people are using Instagram to sell their crafting and their talents. It is a world of Instagram now, and everyone uses this platform, so it is a perfect opportunity to upload your products there and approach many customers daily.

Where Can You Get Ideas for Resin Crafting?

You can quickly get unique Resin art ideas from websites and applications available for crafters. The best and the most prominent application for getting ideas now is Canva.

Canva is a platform with many templates you can use to get ideas for your favorite fonts, graphics, and business colors. While doing Resin crafting, remember that you are in the world of world-class crafters, so you must ensure that your designs are cohesive.

There is a variety of designs and logos that you can select and draw on the material that you select for crafting. It does not matter for which matter or item you are selecting the design; millions of designs will be perfect according to your choice.

Canva is so simple and easy to use anyone can use it conveniently. If you know how to use it, you can create your design in less than five minutes.

If you feel there are no designs according to your choice or you cannot make a design, then you can go to Etsy or Fiverr; many people sell logos and designs there. You can buy resin art ideas to sell your products and profit handsomely.

Tips For Selling Your Resin Products

If you are ready to go into a Resin crafting world and know about the things to make with Resin and the things to do with Resin, then there are a few things that you must remember in your Resin crafting career. Here are a few tips that will help you to be a successful crafter:

1. The Specific Niche Must Find

A Resin crafter can make anything; there is no limit to them. But the critical point is that a crafter must know their specialty. You must focus on one item you think you can make perfect and most beautiful. Try many items in starting, select any item from them that you like, and start your business with that one item. It will make your marketing process more manageable.

2. Practice Your Craft

Ensure that the product or item you are launching comprises high-quality materials. Try to avoid items below your standard. The quality of your product matters because the low-quality material will affect your marketing process.

3. Investing In The Right And High-Quality Material

It would help if you had the epoxy, extras, molds, and protective equipment to use in your products to make them suitable. High-quality material is essential; if there is any material of low quality, then avoid buying and using them.

4. Find Target Customers

Think before selling your item to anyone; make sure that the person selling your product must pay you a good amount. Otherwise, it will be a loss to you; sometimes, there are scammers on the websites, so be careful with them.

5. Market

Choose an appropriate platform to sell your products; it is imperative to choose the site wisely because if you choose a site with no traffic, your products cannot be sold.

Final Words

Resin crafting has become famous in the past few years, so much so that everywhere you go, you might see Resin crafting in every third thing in the market. It is trending among youngsters and teens.

Don’t worry anymore if you are also wondering how you can get into the world of Resin crafting, which products would be best for you, and where you will sell them. We have described a complete key to get all your answers and make your Resin crafts at home.

I hope the article will help you in a lot of ways. Don’t forget to give us your feedback.

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