Creative Ways to Make Money from your Old Toilet Roll

People in this current era are trying to make money from shortcuts. There are many ridiculous and weird ways to make money. One of those ways is making money from your old toilet rolls. This idea might sound strange. How can old toilet paper be of any use?

Most of the time, when you see an old toilet roll in the washroom, people think they will buy another one and throw the old one in the dustbin. What if I tell you there is a way of making money from those empty toilet paper rolls?

If you are a lazy person with a pile of old cardboard toilet paper rolls in your house, you are lucky enough to make some money. One of the easiest ways to make money is from empty paper towel rolls.

Toilet rolls are included in basic toiletries and are present in almost every house. If you are one of those who discard a toilet paper roll after using it, you might miss your chance to make money from it. Stay tuned if you want to know some fantastic ideas and ways to make money from your old toilet roll.

How To Make Money from Old Toilet Paper Rolls?

It would help if you thought about how you can make money from old toilet paper rolls and what you can do with them. People are earning a good amount by selling these toilet rolls. You can also change this business from a side hustle to a full-time one if you have unlimited supplies for these toilet rolls.

If you look at some statistics on eBay, people are selling their old toilet rolls at £0.09-£0.25 per roll, along with shipping charges. These prices are pretty high in the UK, nearly £0.13 per roll. In the US, these rolls cost £0.34 on average; shipping charges are separate.

What To Do With Old Toilet Paper Rolls?

Can you sell toilet paper? The answer is yes. People charge £0.34 for an average toilet roll. Some people are charging more than this, depending upon the quality of these rolls. You will have to charge less for bad-quality rolls, while you can charge more for good-quality rolls.

To make money from old toilet roll, put out ads on different online purchasing apps such as; eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Facebook marketplace, and Gumtree with your desired price. These are small prices and will not make you rich, but you can get a good amount if you have a pile of these papers. You need to store these rolls to get more money.

Tips for Selling Toilet Paper Roll

make money using toilel paper

Here is a list of methods and ideas about how to sell toilet paper rolls and make money instantly;

Offer Post and Packaging At Free Or Cheap Rates

Some buyers can shop worth a hundred dollars, but post and packaging money makes them rethink their order, and sometimes they discard the shopping due to high post and packaging rates.

If you want to start your business and are new to the shopping site, you should offer low post and packaging prices. If you start by demanding £25, this will be a failure. If clients are not responding, you can also make the post and packaging free for the first few orders to start your business.

Sell as Much Toilet Roll as Possible

Selling one or two rolls a week will not affect your monetary status. If you want to make a good amount of money, try collecting as many toilet rolls as possible to make a difference.

If you collect these rolls and sell them in bulk, the profit will blow your mind. People also look for a pile or massive collection of things; single items are less attractive, and not everyone wants a single or 2 paper rolls.

Ask for Toilet Paper Rolls from Others

You can also ask people to give their old toilet paper rolls to make a vast collection. This collection will help you search for a good supermarket deal with a significant profit. Your neighbors must be throwing out their toilet paper rolls; you can politely ask them to donate their rolls to you to help you in your business.

Take Great Pictures

Taking great pictures of toilet rolls will help attract buyers. It would help if you ensured the roll is in great shape and quality. If your pictures are great, you will surely attract more buyers interested in buying.

Do not try to hide the flaws in your paper by editing them; this will leave you a bad review, which can be a backlash for your business. You can make your pictures look attractive by arranging them in order and making different shapes, such as triangular or cubical.

Make it a Teamwork

You can set up a team to help you collect these rolls from their neighborhood. This team will help increase the number of rolls available for you to sell. This team can become your partner in business if your number of rolls increases to a significant number; you can divide the income equally or according to the amount of work they have done.

Resale Toilet Paper

You can make money by reselling your toilet paper. You can buy toilet paper in less amount from the shopping apps and resell them by putting out your ad with a bit of extra money for your profit. Many people do this if they have some rolls available at home but want to make a bulk, so they resell to add to the volume.

Who Buys Old Toilet Rolls And Why?

This question is exciting and must make you curious; who buys these old toilet rolls and why. The answer to this question is straightforward and clear. There are a lot of people who are interested in crafting and gardening. Some people are simply doing a crafting business for a living.

People can make a lot of this from an old toilet roll. These rolls are also given to children to make different things as an assignment from school; this helps them to be creative. Art schools, kindergartens, and other places that make crafts use these rolls to make creative things.

Some people also use these rolls for gardening purposes. People with extensive gardens in their houses and who want new seedlings need many toilet rolls. These people will search for toilet paper in bulk to grow different things in their gardens naturally. There are other ways people want to buy these toilet paper for different creative ideas.

Best places to Sell and Buy Old Paper Rolls

There are many online shopping websites where you can put your product ads after making an account. You need to add a price to your product and its features and uses for the buyer to know. You can also add pictures of the product for visual aid. Some of the platforms where you can sell and buy these old toilet paper rolls are;


This platform is best for buying and selling old toilet paper rolls. You can sell almost everything on this website. You need a good photo and some features to add.


If you think your product is of excellent quality and has a bulk of these rolls, you can put an ad on amazon. Amazon standards are high compared to others; the product has to be of good quality with some quality pictures.

Facebook Selling Groups

Facebook marketplace and selling groups have become great places to market and sell products. Facebook has fantastic AI technology that will show you the things you need. Almost everyone has a Facebook account and surfs for hours at this, scrolling through many ads and sites. Facebook can be a great place to put your ad on.


Gumtree has more than 15 million new monthly visitors. It is not huge like eBay and Amazon, but it can reach a wider audience. It is one of the UK’s most popular shopping applications for adults. The market here is straightforward, with authentic products compared to the competitors.

Final Words

Selling old toilet rolls is a weird idea, but it helps you make instant money, and after collecting a vast collection, it can become your permanent source of income. Some tips are given above on how to sell old paper rolls effectively.

There are many websites where you can put add and sell your rolls. It will help if you choose your marketplace wisely because that will decide the running of your business. You can also put ads on more than one marketplace to benefit from the doubt.

Before reading this article, you must consider old toilet paper as waste and garbage. This article contains all the essential information about how this toilet paper can be recycled and made into different products.

The information above must change your perspective and give you an idea about how these things we consider useless can be a cause of earning a lot of money with minimum effort.

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