How To Sell Feet Pictures On Instagram – Make Easy Money

There are lots of reasons behind selling and buying feet pictures. Most of the skincare and beauty industries use them for modeling purposes. They search for beautiful feet to give a spectacular view, and behind the scene, they want to increase the demand for their product. The benefit of taking feet pics is that you can remain anonymous and earn money.

Now in this era of technology, everything goes online through various social media sites, and Instagram is one of them. Instagram may consider a platform for rich kid apps, meaning that the people on this platform belong to a higher class than the users of other apps. That’s why you can get a massive benefit by selling your feet pics to customers or enthusiasts with high profit through Instagram.

If you’re wondering about how to sell your feet pics on Instagram, you are at the right place. I will give you clear guidelines about selling your feet pictures on Instagram and also tell you about its benefits. So stay tuned!

Why Is Instagram One Of The Best Platforms To Sell Feet Pictures?

If you want to sell your feet photos, then Instagram is the best choice due to its huge fan following. You can quickly get customers who can pay you for your pics because people gather here to get full disclosure.

It is straightforward to create an account on Instagram, and you can upload your feet pics with related hashtags. You can also see many feet pics to get ideas and find them by famous hashtags.

Why Sell Feet Pictures On Instagram?

The first and most vital thing is to find out the potential buyers for your feet pics, and this platform provides you with this opportunity. With almost 2.9B+ monthly visitors, Instagram has become a popular site among others, and you can find people here from worldwide. So the range of selling your feet photos will also increase via Instagram.

Moreover, the unique feature of Instagram shopping makes it most valuable for sellers; anyone can sell or buy photos and videos from anywhere on the globe.

You can also segregate your Instagram account the other social sites like Facebook and other commerce platforms. Due to this, Instagram has become very suitable for trading your feet pics across the world.

Simply put, Social Commerce is a reality, and Instagram is right at the center of trading feet pics.

How to Sell Feet Pictures On Instagram

In this guide, you will find all the answers when learning about how to sell feet pics on Instagram. If you want to sell the photos of your feet on Instagram, then you may follow these steps:

1. Make A Business Instagram Account

First, you should open a dedicated account for your new start-up. However, you can also use your old account for this if you have one, and if you want to remain anonymous, then it is better to use a separate account as a business or creator Instagram account.

As your goal is to make money, we recommend you open a business account and then Link it with Facebook to increase your followers, which is optional. After this, get ready to run ads on your feet pictures.

One thing that is essential for consideration is that this is your business, and you should create ideas to make it more fascinating so that your followers will change into your customers. So create new things to improve your feet pictures, and for this, you can also do a Personal Branding Course to start with the right foot.

2. Get Professional Photographs Of Your Feet

After making an account, the next step is to take awe-inspiring pictures of your feet. For this, you can put your feet forward and take a picture without being conscious. You will see that the results will be excellent.

However, if you want to get the attention of others as a modeling scout, you should hire a professional photographer or use a phone with an excellent camera. So that you can take a perfect picture to attract others because quality matters a lot, and your account profile will act like your portfolio for you.

But if your only purpose is to sell pictures online, you can do this with your camera. You may require a good smartphone before, and don’t worry about the quality of the picture if you don’t continue it as a career.

3. Enhance And Edit Your Pictures

Nowadays, it is easy to make your photos attractive to others. Various photo editing apps can give your picture a professional look. Moreover, you can also edit your feet pic via the editing feature of Instagram before uploading it.

As we know, Instagram is an app for uploading photos and videos, and there is massive competition among users. That’s why you should pay attention to every aspect of aesthetics so that your pics will stand out from the competition.

You can also enhance your picture’s quality and aesthetic with your own presets while taking a picture. You can use the Lightroom app for this purpose, as it will reduce your editing time with its features.

4. Post Regularly, And Be Active Online

To get a positive response, then consistency is necessary. It is important to post quality pictures regularly to grow your Instagram page, and in this way, you can also increase your fan following. If you want to remain consistent, plan what to post and when.

Posting with consistency is one of the main things for your business. This way, influencers on Instagram will remain engaged, and your business will flourish.

5. Be Up-To-Date On The Latest Trends

Everyone wants to find something unique, so staying tuned with the latest trends is essential. You can use the ideas of others with a great twist and become famous, but it is vital to copy things with creativity.

So remain up-to-date with the latest trends and go viral with an increment of engagements, and through this, you will be able to increase your sales. You can follow other creators focusing on foot pictures to know the latest trends.

6. Set Up A Payment Process

When you open an Instagram account, set up your profile, and make posts consistently, it is time to consider the payment procedure. For receiving payments, you should use a reliable and standard method so that anyone can access it without any problem.

You can give external payment links in your bio and use services like Payoneer and PayPal. Both of the services will provide you with a straightforward method of payment. However, if your business grows and increases daily, you can set up an account in OnlyFans, where the payment process is hassle-free.

7. Create A Rate That Works For Your Audience

When you want to start a business, try to think big but start small. When you start selling your feet pictures from your Instagram account, try to give discounts on photos at the start. In this way, you can attract more followers towards you and eventually become popular among others.

You can start selling your feet photos for a small price, like $10 per picture. Once you feel you have made enough sales, you can increase this price.

Think big, but start small. Start selling your feet pictures on Instagram by drawing your followers at a discounted price.

Moreover, you can also try the marketing plan of action by selling more than one picture at a discount rate. You can offer to buy one get one free or sell four pictures for $40 to increase buyers. Most sellers use this technique to get the attention of customers.

8. Outsource Your Feet Picks To An External Site

Once you start to get sales and customers are reaching you while finding something unique in feet pics, you should stay on Instagram and link your account to other social platforms.

If you have more than enough orders, you will not rely only on Instagram to reach your clients and will also use more than one way to receive payments. You can also trust OnlyFans or FeetFinder because these apps promote content like this. Moreover, the payment method is also easy to manage, and you can reach more people through these apps.

However, you cannot control these apps, but you should trust them as they will provide you with these services by charging a fee for one photo. When your sales increase, then it is still worthy of consideration.

When your followers know that you are also on other sites, they will feel that you are becoming popular and expanding your business. Share your links to other sites on Instagram with your followers as they may also have an account there, and in this way, they share your link with others. Remember that the chances of selling increase when you engage more people with your account.

How Much Can You Charge For Feet Pictures?

When we talk about the selling price of feet pictures, they have no fixed rate. The range will depend on platform goals and clients. However, you can follow some simple rules to set the price.

First of all, see the type of photo you want to sell and consider what you want to sell them individually or as a collection.

Second, you may also set the price according to orders. Custom and private order are instincts for creation. Custom orders are worthy of making money in this work line. While the pre-made feet photos are a source of inspiration for enthusiasts.

Ultimately, you can make a competitive price for your foot pics. You can set your price tag by making a comparison to others. If you sell your feet photo at a reasonable price, then the others you may get a good response.

So it’s essential to consider while setting a price for your feet pictures.

Hashtags For Selling Feet Pics On Instagram

There is no use in your pics if people cannot reach them. For this, Instagram provides identifying phrases to help people learn about various topics. These phrases are known as hashtags and proceed by the # sign. If you want to share your feet pics on Instagram, you should use some exciting hashtags.

The famous hashtags for selling feet pics are #feet, #feetfetishgang, #feetloversonly, #feetfinders,  #instagirls, #feetfettish, #cutefeet, #sellfeetpics, #instafeetlove, or #feetpicswanted.

You can use these hashtags for selling your feet photos, but they will specify your intention to sell these pics, so try to tag your photos in general and with a business point of view.

However, Instagram allows users to use 30 hashtags on a single photo. Use 5 to 10 hashtags on a post, and make sure your post looks neat and clean.

Best Feet Pic Poses for Instagram

Hashtags are one of many things to get attention. The stunning photo is an essential part of all of them. Try to bring innovation in your styles and also create feet photos with a new uniqueness to get the attention of buyers.

You can try various postures for your feet to make them more attractive and captive. Here are some excellent postures for you in following:

1. Arched FEET

It is one of the most elegant styles of feet position. Your feet look captive when you place them in an arched feet posture. In it, you can try a combination of side view feet paired with a top view or flat feet to cover two different angles.

2. Wrinkled FEET/TOES

The feet lover must find something in wrinkled feet that they can resist their view. You only need to put your feet in a way that all of the lines and wrinkles will become prominent, and you will get a wrinkle-toe photo. Look how easy it is!

3. Sole Close Ups

The close-up of your sole may also become fascinating for buyers due to its unusual look. Try to get the proper posture of your feet and try different angles to choose one eye-catching.

You can use different props like flowers, paintings, jewelry, or scarves to give your sole a new and unique look. These things add next-level innovation and give a beautiful posture for a perfect feet picture.

Benefits Of Selling Your Feet Pictures On Instagram

There are huge benefits of selling your feet pictures on Instagram due to its huge fan following. With over 800 million users, Instagram benefits from a business perspective.

Moreover, Instagram is a free app; anyone can sign up and take advantage of it. One significant benefit is that you can grow your business from the ground to the next level by advertising your products.

You can easily reach people and offer your things to those interested in them. It is an excellent platform for business, and you may get buyers if you want to sell your feet photos.

Final Words

Social media apps are significantly helping to get extra income and have become trendy nowadays. You can also get an advantage by selling your feet pics on Instagram and doing all these things anonymously. There are various modeling agencies on Instagram, and they may also get you as a model for their skin care product, and you may get a source of income by selling your feet pictures.

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