How To Open A Laundromat From Home With No Money

Laundromat is a money-making business where customers come to use washing machines and cloth dryers by paying a certain fee. Investing in this business is a good idea as everyone wants to maintain the standard of hygiene. People must wash their clothes regularly, so they go to the laundromat. 

Whether starting with small or big capital, you can come in with your laundromat business idea. But not knowing how to open a laundromat can prove a bit hassle. The good thing is that the technology is improved, and you can invest in modern washing and dryer machines. Instead of using old technology, you can install coin-operated laundry machines or ones with the ability to swipe cards or use mobile payments for services.

To maximize your profit, you can add other things like a video game section, a TV room, or a snack bar to attract customers. Moreover, you can also have some employees to assist the customers. These are some ideas to increase your profit. But if you want to understand this business, then keep on reading!

How To Start A Laundromat Business With No Money

how to open a laundromat

There are some critical points to consider when starting a laundromat business so that you can get a reasonable profit. These simple rules will help to flourish your laundromat business with no money.

1. Do Your Research

Before starting anything, you should research it; it becomes more critical if you want to start a laundromat business. Various factors need your consideration before investing. You can talk to other laundromat owners and read the industry for information. 

2. Find The Right Location

The right location selection is significant for your business, especially for the laundromat. Easy access will be in favor of your business. Before setting up, ensure that the site is convenient for people and has high foot traffic ability.

Moreover, the neighborhood should also matter so that the customers will not feel any inconvenience in coming and going. Some of the following factors can help you for finding the right location:

Foot traffic: The location with high foot traffic brings more opportunities for your laundromat business. Find a place near public transportation, shopping areas, or apartment buildings. 

Parking: Ensure that there are enough parking slots for customers. If there are more parking options, they may continue using your laundromat. 

Security: Provide a safe, light, and airy place to your customer, making them comfortable while using your laundromat. 

Size: Ample space is necessary for laundry so that you have enough space for machines and a sitting area. 

Utilities: Find a place with better utilities like electricity and water. It is also essential the draining system of this area is suitable for draining washers. 

Zoning: Before starting, visit the local zoning office and make sure that you can open a laundromat in this area or not because some locations have restrictions for this business. 

3. Choose The Right Equipment

You should choose the best equipment for your laundromat business, try installing the best machines and dryers, and consider other factors like iron stands, storage, and folding tables simultaneously.

4. Promote Your Business

When you design your laundromat setup, it’s time to promote your business, and for this, you can use various ways like online listings, flyers, announcements, and advertising your laundromat. You can also reach customers through marketing channels.

5. Offer Discounts And Loyalty Programs

People show interest in discounted things, and you can get their attention from this. You can discount first-time customers or use a loyalty card for a discount on last visits. Through this technique, you can build trust, and they will come back for services.

How to Open A Laundromat With No Money

If you have nothing to invest in and still want to start a laundromat with no money, follow the following ways to get start-up capital.

How To Open A Laundromat business

1. Take A Business Loan

You can start your laundromat business with no money by taking a business loan. However, estimating how you can pay this loan on time is essential. For this, you should consider whether your business can make you a reasonable profit. 

Another consideration is that you can protect yourself from liabilities and losses in an accident. For this, it is better to make a foolproof plan for your business so that you can pay your loan on time. 

Moreover, there is a specific criterion to qualify for a loan, and it also requires a specific amount as a down payment. Some of the loans have a high-interest rate. You pay too much in the form of interest. So keep all these things in mind when applying for a loan and starting a laundromat with no money.    

2. Attract Investors

If you want to start your laundromat with no money, you can find a partner or investor if you need help applying for a loan. This way, you can start your business without investment if you find an investment partner. 

When you start a business in partnership then, you should share your part of the equity with them. It’s the shortest way to fulfil your dream of a laundromat instead of making capital by saving money for a long time. 

It is vital to keep your partner updated about business so that the air of trust will remain in both of you and your business can proceed without any hassle. 

3. Open A Laundromat Through A Franchise 

If you want to start your business with no money, you can contact various franchises of this business. They will help you by investing money and allowing you a new setup.

Some franchises only demand an excellent location, and you can become a part of their trademark. But remember that if you run your business through a franchise, you may follow their rules and ethics. And you must do something other than what you want to like for your business. 

How To Start A Laundry Business From Home

If you want to run a laundromat business from home to generate income and meet your expenses, you can start the laundromat business from home. Follow these steps to start laundromat at home:

Step 1: Business Model

The first step is to make a business model and determine how you start your business. For this, there are two models of setting up: a coin-operated laundromat and a pickup and delivery service.

If you want to set up a coin-operated laundromat, you can start it in less space. You may require a washer, dryer, and a change machine. 

But if you want pickup and delivery service, you may need ample space and something for transportation. You must have a separate laundry room to wash and dry clothes and place them for later services.

So before setting up your business, make a complete model with great care by considering all options. 

Step 2: Choose a Name

After deciding on a business model, you should consider the name of your laundromat business. Try to think about something that can catch the attention of others and is also easy to remember.

Step 3: Business Entity

After giving your business the correct name, choose a business entity; for this, you have four options: corporation, limited liability company, sole proprietorship, and partnership.

However, there are advantages and disadvantages, so it is better to consult someone for legal and financial advice. 

Step 4: Register Your Company

Before starting a business, register your company with the state so that it becomes legal and you may save from any inconvenience; the registration process depends on the state’s rules. 

Step 5: Permits and Licenses

After registration, you will get permits and licenses. The process may vary from one state to the other, but you can get basic information from the state department of revenue website.

Step 6: Marketing Strategy

In this era of technology, you need a solid strategy to develop marketing to attract customers. There are various options for marketing, such as direct mail, online services, and print advertisement. 

Using more than one way for marketing to reach as many as possible is good. 

How To Buy A Laundromat

Here is the complete guidance on buying a laundromat.

1. Finding Your Laundromat

The first thing is to find a laundromat for you; for this, you can use three main places. Each has advantages and disadvantages, but I suggest you always use more than one way to get better results. The three sources are as follows:

2. Brokers

Brokers are a significant source of buying anything; you can consult them about buying a laundromat. Most sellers use the services of brokers to sell their laundromats, so you can contact brokers in different areas who can help you find the best place for your business. 

If you contact a broker, you may get an advantage for easy access to the deal, but at the same time, the drawback is that they are costly, and you may pay them for their services. 

3. Internet

Internet is another source for finding a laundromat for sale, and it is an attractive option. You can get various options online and an associated number of sellers. The bright side of this source is that you can make a deal directly, but the drawback is that the various deals may be over before. 

4. Speak With Owners

This one is an effective method if you speak directly to the owner. You can visit various laundromats and ask their owners whether they want to sell as you are interested in buying it. This way, you can save from brokers and other inconveniences, but you may have a good investment if you find one. 

5. Funding Your Laundromat

There are two categories for funding your laundromat. In the first category, you fund your laundromat, and you should pay for everything from your pocket. 

While in the other category, other people can fund the laundromat and invest in your business. And it may include private loans, partnerships, bank loans, etc. In this category, you will benefit as the investment will divide into two places, and you may not feel any burden. 

6. Due Diligence

When you have made all of the above efforts, the time comes for a written agreement. It is essential and plays a primary role in dealing with it. There are four pillars of due Due diligence, and these four pillars are following:

Estimate Earnings

While agreeing to verify that the laundromat makes a decent income, what the owner said, you can do this in different ways, such as counting the coins with a water meter reading, making an estimate through a bank statement, and creating a tax return. Moreover, you can also utilize the picture you will get of the actual income.

Estimate Spendings

Ensure that the NOI (net operating income) is according to income and expenses. If you get a lower income, the expenses of the laundromat are higher than the profit. You can verify all expenses and income by matching them with the bills, contacts, and lease agreements. 

Estimate Future

Before buying a laundromat, make sure it will become profitable for you. You can investigate that by the location, conditions of machines, construction, and other utilities. If all of the things are in good condition, then go for it. 

Estimate Value Increase

It would help if you tried to increase the value of your laundromat when you took over after your due diligence. You can do this by investing in its renovation and in this way you can attract customers. When you have more customers, you will have more possibilities for increasing your cash flow, and profit will become more in your net worth. 

7. Close the Deal

Once you complete the process of due diligence, then it’s time to negotiate your original offer by uncovering your numbers. Your laundromat’s deal will base on solid numbers, not potential or good feelings. So try to renegotiate your offer with new information, use your covered numbers during the due diligence process, and close the deal at the correct number. 

Are Laundromats Profitable?

If you are wondering about something profitable and recession-proof, then the laundromat business is best for you. Although it is a steadily growing business, there will still be no sign of slowing down. So keep on working, and you will get successful. 

There are various reasons behind the laundromat’s business becoming profitable. The main reason is its importance for people because everyone needs to wash their clothes. In their busy life, people have no time to do laundry at home, so they go to laundromats that can do it for them. 

The second reason is that they need very little maintenance, and you may forget it once you set up your laundromats. Moreover, it is straightforward to operate them, and you can manage them with a large staff. 

So you should not worry about investing your capital in a laundromat because it is very profitable and recession-proof. 

Other Services You Can Offer In Your Laundromat

You can make attractive increments for your customers if you want huge profits from your laundromat business without huge investments. You can provide the following services to grow your laundromat:

Dry Cleaning

Many people need a dry cleaning service at home. For this, they go to the laundromats. You can provide them with this service and make it easy to get their clothes clean and pressed. 


You can provide your customer with equipment like a sewing machine for alternating clothes. Some people want to change their clothes but need more time to go to another store so you can help them in this way. 

Laundry Delivery

The other way to attract customers is by giving them laundry delivery at their homes. This service is very beneficial for those customers who need more time to wash their clothes. 

You can give your laundromats for rent to other businesses and get profit. 

All these additional services add more attraction for customers, and you can get extra revenue in this way. So try out new ideas and make changes with time to get customers’ attention.

What Type Of Person Makes A Good Fit For Laundromat Business?

The laundry business is best for well-organized people with marketing information. Moreover, a person with the ability of customer care services can work independently with great marketing and advertising skills. But it is also essential to have patience as any business takes time to grow.

What Are Ongoing Expenses of Your Laundromat Business

Here are some ongoing expenses that a laundromat business bears.

  • The rent and security interest are the most basic expenses of the laundromat. 
  • The insurance of your business is another necessary expense; in this way, you can secure your investment and get revenue in case of an accident.
  • If you have employers, their wages are another expense and depend on the number of employers. 
  • The supplies for the laundry, like bleach, fabric softener, and detergents, will also require for running your laundromats. 
  • Electricity bills are another thing, and this expense depends on electricity consumption. 
  • To run your business, water and other utilities are also necessary. 
  • If you have a gas dryer in your laundromat, it will be another expense for your business. 
  • If you advertise your business, it will be another expenditure, but in this way, you will get customers’ attention. 
  • All the equipment may require some maintenance to run smoothly, which will also include expenses. 

How Much Cost Is Required To Start A Laundromat Business?

The cost of a laundromat business will depend on your budget, so it is essential to look at your capital and other factors.

The first thing on which the cost of a laundromat business depends is the location. It is straightforward to understand that if you want to set up your business in large cities, it will cost more than starting in rural areas. 

However, if you want to start with minimum capital, then you can consider for existing laundromat instead of setting up a new one from scratch. You can get an existing laundromat at less cost and use the rest of the money for its renovation. So make a plane before setting up anything. 

How Much Do Laundromats Make?

The per-day income of an average laundromat is from $300 to $1300. However, this per-day income may vary due to various factors. Moreover, weekends are more productive because most people do their laundry when they have free from other duties.

Other services like dry cleaning, delivery, and alternations can increase your per-day income. So keep changing with time and get more advantages. 

Benefits and Drawbacks of Owning A Laundromat

There is a bright and dark aspect to everything. The laundromat business has many benefits and drawbacks, but it doesn’t mean you take your step back. These are the following:


The massive advantage of owning a laundromat is that you will be your boss. No one can assist you. 

You can earn your profit once you install reliable types of equipment. It looks expensive initially, but your business will be worth it with time.

With time you can also expand your business by opening laundromats in different locations.

Other businesses need stock for their stores, but when it comes to the laundromat business, there is no need to restore your inventory. Once you install your machines, there is nothing to do. You only need other utilities like detergents, fabric softeners, etc.

The coin-operated machines are easy to handle as the customers control them, and there will be no complaints. You may need attention in case of any fault only. 

In the business of laundry, customers will pay you before using machines. You may not wait for any credit to run your business. 

From the legal point of view, you only require a laundry license and need to check that your coin machine is working well so that no one can steal from customers.

If you want to sell your laundry store, you can do it easily when you want to retire. 


As this is your business, then you are responsible for all risks. 

You may need a significant investment to start a laundromat business. And if you start with no money, you may use other ways of investment. 

For this business, you should always be available at the place as some people use laundry after working hours. 

Final Words

It is a good idea to start a laundromat business for a passive income. But simultaneously, there are some vital aspects to consider before investing. You should pay attention to the investment cost and competition with others. I hope you got the right information about starting your laundromat business with no money. 

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