How To Make Money On Baseball Cards?

Is collecting baseball cards your hobby or passion? Then this how to make money on baseball cards guide is the perfect start to earn more bucks.

Collecting baseball cards for self-pleasure or as a hobby is an art, but not knowing their use is a disbenefit. Knowing how to make a big profit by selling your baseball cards is not challenging.

If you are interested in learning about making a profit through your baseball cards, then there are a few tips and strategies that you need to learn. We are here to help you and provide complete information and procedure about using your baseball cards to make a considerable profit by selling them in big markets.

Please stay connected with us until the end and know your cards’ worth and which markets will be best for selling them.

Are Baseball Cards Worth Money?

Are Baseball Cards Worth Money?
Are Baseball Cards Worth Money?

Yes, baseball cards are worth money, but not immediately. It is impossible that you go to any card shop, hand over your collection, and come out with a lot of money. It sometimes takes longer to search for good shops and make some money.

There is a complete process behind this journey. Not all of your cards will be worth selling; only some cards from hundreds give you profit from their worth. If you have some standard baseball cards, putting them up for sale will not be a good idea.

First, bring your cards to any professional spot authenticator, and ask him to check your card authentication. After the complete authentication process, your cards are ready to sell in the market. Your cards must be graded in the authentication process and some evaluation.

The value of the card depends upon its condition and rarity. The cards that are gem-mint have worth a lot more than other cards. But if it has any defect like corner wear will reduce its market value.

It does not mean that the cards that are low-graded do not have any value; it all depends on the market trending and demand. So, you must be aware of market trends and demands while selling baseball cards. Try to sell your cards in the market according to their interest level.

Which Places Are Best To Sell Baseball Cards?

Which Places Are Best To Sell Baseball Cards?
Which Places Are Best To Sell Baseball Cards?

To sell baseball cards in the market, one must learn about the best time and places to sell worthy baseball cards. Some rules will make a huge difference in whether you profit or lose money by selling your baseball card collection.

Learning this skill is much essential for your success in this business. After mastering these skills, move on to other available strategies and options. The main point is that if you have high-graded cars, which places will be best to sell them with colossal profit?

Here is the complete detail about all those places famous for selling baseball card collections; you can make a good profit there. Many customers are fond of baseball; they will approach you and give you a good amount in exchange for your collection.

Sports Collectible Shops

Sports collectible shops are the more apparent spots for selling your collection. Card dealers are not working in these shops as collectors; they always look for a particular card to make a profit.

The shop owner or card dealers have access to the shows or conventions where you might not have access. So, the dealers use their connections and sell those cards to others with a hefty profit.

You do not have to wait for your money; dealers immediately offer you a good amount. It is the same for sets, individual cards, or wholesale. Dealers also have to make a profit, which is why they offer a profitable below-market price to you. They have to stay profitable and have room to mark up the cards.

Most of the sellers choose one or two dealers who always sell their cards and make a profit. It becomes easy for them to sell their cards and avoid scams from new people.


  • Directly selling of cards.
  • Potential for cutting a deal with the dealer as a supplier.


  • Prices offered there are below the market value.
  • You might face some scammers and frauds.


It is one of the best auction sites that help sellers to sell their baseball card collection with good profit. eBay is an online king site that is worth using for selling. The most significant benefit is the customer reach on eBay; you can rest pretty well without worrying because eBay has thousands of customers that reach sellers for their needs.

It means the customers will approach you independently and buy your card collection. Listing the fees is the main thing; if you are selling baseball cards with many auctions, that can cut into your bottom line. There are some benefits and disbenefits of using eBay.


  • A wide range of customers reaches
  • Fast selling of cards
  • You can locate the miss-listed cards and, after buying them cheaply, sell them with good profit.


  • You may face incorrect or fake listings
  • You have to deal with all shipping and processing payments.

Shows Or Events

This method is somehow different than others depending on the area. Whether wrestling is held in Midwest or a local market where you can rent a table, it is potential for this type of selling.

Having the social ability and pitch in-person help you sell your collection, but it is unnecessary. If people are interested in purchasing the cards, they will lead to some sales. A garage sale is also a standard method to sell your baseball collection.

You will need common cads of those who are not farmers, which will sell well in garage sales. Make sure to select a suitable venue for selling baseball cards collection.


  • Potential for big selling days
  • It is a great way to sell some common cards.


  • Some bad cards may cause you loss or low sales.
  • You have to pay for a scenario.

Facebook Groups

Social media is the most trending platform, especially famous for selling various stocks. Facebook groups are one of them; you can sell your baseball card collection there. Many groups on Facebook have many baseball collectors searching for specific cards.

It would be one of the best platforms to sell modern and members-selling cards. It is a massive opportunity for you if you have specific high-graded cards. You only need to learn the rules of each group and, according to their buying and selling techniques, sell your cards and get a profit.


  • The ability to connect and networking
  • A platform for potential and eager buyers


  • Not all groups allow buying and selling the cards
  • Finding a great deal is difficult because many other sellers

Direct Selling To Online Customers

If there is an extensive baseball card collection in your room and you want to sell all of them one by one with a significant profit, then selling them on any specific social media or dealers is not a good idea. There is a better idea to sell an extensive collection of baseball card stock.

Building your website and selling your baseball cards would be best. It is best for those who can give it full-day attention; for those who cannot make it a full-time profession, it would not be the best platform for them because this type of selling needs time.


  • Can approach and build worldwide traffic
  • You can control your selling platform


  • It requires a tremendous amount of time and skill.
  • It is not suitable for beginners.


COMC is a platform that buys your baseball cards directly from you and lists them on its website. You do not need to find a buyer; it also eliminates the hassle of shipping and storing cards. But you will only get a little profit from this type of selling.

COMC is different from others because it acts like a drop shipping site, so whenever your card sells, you will get its payment immediately. The selling price is slightly close to other shipping sites handling shipping and buyers.


  • Visibility is greater
  • Most of the cards are cross-listed


  • Shipping is a time-consuming process.
  • Not available everywhere on the planet

Auction House Or Auction

It is not the best option for selling the baseball card collection. You can profit from the auction method with high-graded, valuable vintage cards.

If you have a rare error rookie card, Mickey Mantle rookie card, or famous +26 Honus Wagner, it might not be possible for you to get a nice profit unless your cards have a minimum of four digits.

If your collection is not inspected or verified, it will also not help you take a good amount in exchange for them.


  • Scarce and high-graded cards are best to sell there.
  • You can get a considerable amount in exchange for high-vintage cards.


  • It usually takes a high cut.
  • You can only sell rare cards there.

What Is The Thing That Makes Baseball Cards More Valuable?

In simple words, market demand and trends are the main things that make baseball cards more valuable. Your card’s value will go down in a second if they have a bit simplistic.

So, you must be wondering what the things that make baseball cards more valuable and profitable are; the specialties that matter are:

  • Is your card a rookie card?
  • Is there any error in the card that was connected quickly?
  • What is the condition of the card?
  • Is the card a common card or a rare card?
  • Is your card have authentication or verification?
  • How uncommon is your card?
  • What is the company name of your card?
  • Does the player of the card have fame, or will they get fame eventually?
  • Is your card have an autograph of any big personality?
  • Is your card a trending or demanding card according to the market?

These are all the factors that impact your card selling and make a big difference. Vintage cards are in high demand, so they are very rare. The vintage card is less likely to be in good condition if you have found it.

Some companies only produce rookie decks; if you find a rare Honus Wagner card, congratulations, you are a millionaire.

Grading Of Baseball Cards

Grading your baseball cards is crucial to knowing your cards’ worth and value. Here are some grades from best to poor:

  • Perfect Condition: An excellent card in mint condition without any error or defect.
  • Near Mint: A card that is not 100% perfect but nearly in perfect condition.
  • Excellent Condition: The cards with slight gloss on the surface that has faded, and the corners are in slightly rounded condition.
  • Very Good: the cards with rounded corners wear apparent and have minor creasing.
  • Good condition: The cards have a lot of wear and creases.
  • Poor: The cards that are damaged and wear out completely.

Final Words

Sports cards are a good investment if you have an extensive collection of common and uncommon cards. You only need to know which platforms will be best for selling them to make a considerable profit.

I hope reading the article helped you get information about all the details to sell your baseball collection to make good money and start your business. Follow the article to know the worth of your article, and stay connected with us for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, autograph cards are much more valuable if they have certification. If they are not the certified card, then it has no value because people might say it is fake or counterfeited autographed.

The rarest card till now is the Honus Wagner T206 tobacco card. Baseball historians believe that Honus Wagner was a great player who played for almost 20 years. If you find a Wagner baseball card somewhere, you are a millionaire.

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