Gifts for Working Moms – Best Gifting Ideas in 2023

Working moms deserve the world’s best gifts as they care for many things simultaneously. Choosing gifts for working moms can’t be easy because they need special attention and unique gifts to make them happy.

There is always a lot going on with them that they forget to take care of themselves. Working moms are super busy managing time between kids and deadlines. They are constantly juggling things because they have 2 full-time jobs to deal with daily.

If you have the chance to make the life of these working moms easier, whether you are their brother, sister, husband, or a friend from work, surprising them with the perfect gifts is the least you can do to make them happy. According to research, 33% of women in the workforce are working moms who are managing multiple things simultaneously and perfectly

Research says that about 66% of working moms sleep less than 6 hours per night. It is devastating if you are sleep deprived for a long-time. Brain activity slowly decreases, and your body’s natural healing system is severely compromised. Busy working moms need useful things as gifts in their lives to make their life easy.

How To Find a Perfect Gift for Working Moms?

Finding a perfect gift for working moms can be challenging if they seem to have everything. The correct way to figure out what to gift them is to find where they spend most of their day if they work from home or spend most of their time at a desk at the office or on the road.

In this way, you can figure out what to gift them. Try to find meaningful and fun gifts that will make the spaces around them cozy and inspiring. It would be nice if something could make their work easier or more fun.

If you are a working mom and can’t figure out what to tell your spouse or in-laws what to get you on occasions like birthdays, Christmas, etc., This article contains a list of the best gifts for working moms to help you out. If you know a working mom and want to gift something useful, stay tuned to have a look at a list of great gifts for working moms.

Best Gifts for Working Moms in 2023

1. Gifts for Self-Care

Taking care of yourself is necessary for working moms, especially in these tiring times when the workload piles up and you get no time left for yourself. Some gifts that help working moms take care of themselves are as follows;

Neck Massager

neck massager

It is the best gift I gave my wife when we shifted homes a few months back. I knew she must be struggling hard with managing work and kids, and then this shifting added load on her. She usually complained about sore neck and back. So, I gifted them this neck massager to help her relieve her neck pain.

This neck massager came at a very affordable price and tended to remove neck pain. It is a portable massager you can carry around in your office if you feel any strain on your neck. This gift can be perfect for busy working moms because it helps them relax and remove tension.

Gift Card for Manicure/Pedicure

gift card for pedicure

You can give gift cards to working moms through which they get a manicure, pedicure, and other things available on the card as a deal for your loved ones. They could go to the respective salons through these gift cards and get their services done.

These gifts were prevalent back in 2019. Moms who don’t have time to pamper themselves can enjoy these salon perks to make themselves relax and release their tensions.

Heated Blanket

heated blanket

A heated blanket can be one of the best gifts for moms who work at home. If your wife works from home and has to sit in a chair all the time, the heated blanket can be handy in cold weather. Heated blankets give a warm and cozy feeling; working moms can use them while sleeping and have a sound and warm sleep.

These heated blankets have insulator technology installed in them that helps maintain the temperature hot inside no matter the temperature outside. It is safe to wash this blanket and put it in a drier.

Electric Toothbrush

electric brush

It is essential to have good dental health, and it plays a vital role in your self-care habits. An electric toothbrush can be a great gift for working moms who save time and clean every corner of their teeth that a regular toothbrush can’t reach.

If you are getting late from work and don’t have time to do a teeth brush, an electric brush will help you complete it in less time. If you are having a lazy morning and don’t want to do a teeth brush, an electric toothbrush will become your favorite friend in these times.

Cozy Sleepers

cozy sleepers

When a working mom returns from work, she removes her formal shoes and changes into comfortable slippers at home. These shoes can be one the great gift ideas for busy moms. Slipping into warm, comfortable, cozy slippers at the end of the day feels relaxing and soothing.

Bed Pillow

bed pillow

To start a long working day, you must first have a perfect and sound sleep. Pillows are a very crucial component to help in sound sleep. You can gift your working mom friend a bed-medicated pillow with cooling gel for people who find the cool side of the pillow. Doctors recommend memory foam pillows to help with neck strains and back problems, and they also allow you to remove or add the filling according to your liking to make it perfect for yourself.

Bath Bombs

bath bombs

Bathing before or after a long working day can be a real stress buster for working moms. You can gift bath bombs to working moms because they help them relax with many organic, natural, and handmade bath bombs.

The packaging of these bath bombs is beautiful. Plenty of bath bombs are available on many shopping retails; you can book them directly for your working-mom friend, who will like them.

Foot Massager

foot massager

A foot massager looks dreamy and divine. This massager is undoubtedly one of the best gift ideas for busy moms. Not just working moms but everyone would love to put their foot in an excellent foot massager at the end of the day after a long working day.

If your foot pain has been there for a long time and after the whole day, your feet feel excruciating pain, this foot massager is all you need. This foot massager is available online on many sites and is generally on sale around Mother’s Day.

Single-Serve Coffee Maker

single serve coffee machine

Starting your day with a strong coffee can change the scenario of your whole day. Coffee is necessary to open your eyes as well as your brain entirely. Working moms could use a single-serve coffee or espresso maker to start their day with a warm cup.

It is indeed one of the best gifts for busy moms. Choose the portable coffee maker for gifting a working mom. You can carry it easily to your workplace and put it on your desk; it takes up very little space. This coffee maker already has a water reservoir, and you don’t need to fill up boiling water in it all the time to make a cup of coffee.

Healing Clay Mask and Manicure, Pedicure set

healing clay mask

A healing clay mask can work wonders for your skin. If you have a sister who is also a working mom, this healing clay mask is one of the best work mom gifts. This healing clay mask is also a face mask, foot soak, hair mask, etc.

You can also give your sister Olive and June Manicure and Pedicure set to help her self-pamper. Working moms usually don’t have time to go to the salon to get these services done. Gifting them manicures and pedicure sets would set them free from going out, and they could do these services at home whenever they have time.

2. Time-Saving Gifts Idea for Working Moms

There is always a time rush for working moms who like to save time as much as possible. You can give these working moms multiple gifts to make their life easier and faster. Some of these gifts are;

Meal Subscription Boxes

meal subscription box

Working moms can’t manage cooking meals daily; they need an alternative for that always. If you know a working mom who can’t figure out what to cook daily, you can gift her a meal subscription box; this involves a daily meal set-up sent to these working moms whenever they want.

You could send them this meal once, and they can order it again themselves. Many online businesses offer meal subscriptions with home deliveries available 24 hours a day. Some companies also provide gift cards that have this service of delivering subscription boxes to your doorstep.

Meal Plan Service

meal plan service

This meal plan service helps you to create a meal plan and grocery list that tells you what you need if you want to cook etc. This plan helps working moms decide what they should cook or order daily. This meal plan saves moms from worrying about what to make for dinner.

iRobot Roomba

iRobot Roomba

iRobot Roomba helps in cleaning the floors daily without constantly sweeping and vacuuming. You can gift this to working moms to help them clean their houses without any effort. They need to download an application of iRobot on their mobile phones and connect it with their iRobot Roomba, and it will start mopping, sweeping, and vacuuming their house on its own without touching it.

House Cleaners

house cleaners

What if I tell you there is a much better option than Roomba for your daily cleaning? There are many companies available that can house cleaners for you to clean your home professionally. You can gift your daughter-in-law, who is also working and has your grandchild, to attend. You can give her a card with this house cleaner service to help her reduce some burden.

Laundry Service

laundry service

Life with kids is not easy; there can be a lot of dirty clothes lying around that need washing, but working moms do not have time to do it regularly. You can gift your wife a laundry service card through which a company will pick up dirty clothes, wash them with care, and give them back to you as a clean pile of clothes.

These companies pick up, wash, dry clean, fold, and deliver to your doorstep. These services are available in many countries like New York, Boston, Chicago, and several locations in CA.

Hair Dryer Brush

hair dryer brush

A hairdryer brush helps you dry your hair and comb it simultaneously. Working moms could use this to save time. It helps them to get organized quickly and get ready to work without having to deal with all the stuff to dry hair.

3. Gifts for Commuting Moms

The perks of working from home are not available to everyone; primarily, working moms need to travel every day for work. You can give these working moms the following gifts to help them in their daily traveling.

Travel Mug

travel mug

If you are a working mom and can’t function without coffee, you should keep this travel mug with you and bring your coffee daily to drink on the way to the office. This travel mug tends to keep your coffee warm and fresh for hours. Even if you are too busy at work, you can drink one sip at a time to complete your caffeine intake for the day.

Work Bag

work bag

A work bag is necessary because a working mom needs a lot of stuff, including cash, a baby monitor, and food or a travel mug; her work bag should have room and be trendy to carry. You can give your working mom friend a work bag to help her travel with everything she needs.

Remote Car Starter

remote car starter

A remote car starter helps you start your car’s engine at home and in the garage. You can turn the heater on when it’s cold outside; this enables you to enter into a warm car and save you from shivering.

Car Cleaning

car cleaning

Clean cars take away half the anxiety. You can surprise your wife, a working mom, by detailing and cleaning her car. This car can be in a rough condition because she uses it daily to commute to work. Cleaning her car will make her happy, which can be a fantastic gift for working moms.

Space Heater

space heater

If your coworker is a working mom and always feels cold in the office, gift her a space heater. She can put this heater in her office near her seat; it takes up very little space and is very light to carry. The warmth of this heater helps increase working moms’ output and capacity in a freezing environment.

4. Gifts for Organized Moms

Some working moms are very organized and want to update their to-do lists a few times daily according to their activities. Here is a list of things you can gift a working mom to help her keep organized;

Bullet Journal

bullet journal

You can gift your friend who is a working mom a bullet journal in which she can write up her to-do lists and work deadlines and other stuff to manage everything throughout the day; this journal could have a date and day mentions at the top of every page so you could have the record of all your work.

You can also use this journal to write stuff that randomly crosses your mind, and you want to remember for later. These journals are smaller, and you can quickly put them in your bag. You can keep them around everywhere and update them according to your need.

Colored Pens

colored pen

Colored pens were the best gifts given to me when I was a kid, but you can also gift them to working moms to help them color code on their planners. Organized working moms need these color pens to add different colors to the tasks, red for the ones essential, blue to be examined, and green for the work done. These pens can be a great gift for working moms. Here are ways working moms can get paid to color using colored pens.

Custom Planner

custom planner

Many organizations offer custom planners. You can customize them according to your choice. You can gift these to working moms to help them update their daily tasks without any problem.

Sticky And Colored Notes Pad

sticky notes

These are the best stationary gifts you could gift a working mom. She could use it as a to-do list and place these notes on her desk. With the help of these sticky notes, she would remember everything that needed to be done that day.  

Frixion Pens

frixion pens

Frixion pens are a great innovation, and they help in writing smoothly. These pens are erasable. You can erase something easily without cutting or writing above it. This pen helps in organizing and keeping the journal neat and easy to read.  

5. Gadget Gifts for Busy Working Moms

Apple Watch

apple watch

There are gradual changes in the apple watch series every year. Suppose you know a working mom and want to gift her something on her birthday. Apple watches can be one of the best gifts for working moms. This watch is a great innovation, it connects with your phone, and you can see all the notifications on your watch.

If your phone is not near you, you can still get your notification and respond to them through your apple watch. If you gift this to a working mom, she will surely remember you through it, as it will make her life easier.

This watch can help you talk to Siri and keeps you organized by measuring your steps, saturation, heart rate, and other factors. If you can afford one, this is one of the best gifts for moms going back to work.

Electric Blanket with Foot Pocket

Electric Blanket with Foot Pocket

If you are a mom and work from home from your desk, this can be an excellent thing to stay warm at your desk. This electric blanket will keep you warm and cozy and has 2 pockets where you can put your feet while sitting at your work desk.

You can wear this blanket like a throw. Working at a desk also keeps you warm while watching a movie on the couch. This blanket gives you a cozy and smooth feeling.

Happy Light for Desk

Happy Light for Desk

Working moms could use a happy light for their desks as a mood saver. These lights play an essential role in mood enlightenment and dealing with anxiety. You can also keep this light at home in your bag and use it as a sleep simulator by giving moderate UV light.

This happy light can also emit light and heat like a sun; if someone is stuck at the office all winter, this light can be a sun replacement for them.

Air Pods

Air Pods

Air pods are one of the excellent gifts for hardworking mom. These air pods help working women listen to music, change their mood, and reduce anxiety. These air pods are wireless; you can put your phone on the desk and listen to your music while working.

Research shows that listening to music while working can stimulate brain cells to work more efficiently. You can gift these air pods to a working mom, and she would love them.

USB Hub Adapter

USB Hub Adapter

This USB hub adapter is a little but handy gadget. It helps in charging everything, including CPU, laptop, mobile phone, power bank, and ear pods, simultaneously on the same adapter. You don’t need to wait for one thing to charge and then put the next one on charge.

This adapter makes it possible to plug everything together. You can unplug it easily by removing the single adapter without separating every cable.

6. Random Gifts for Working Moms


thera box

TheraBox is short for therapy box. It contains 6 to 8 self-care goodies such as aromatherapy, bath, body, skincare, organic products, etc. This therapy box is undoubtedly one of the best gifts for working moms. Every stressed mom needs this therapy box that will help her relax from all the tension. This therapy box is the answer if you think about what to gift a working mom.


SnackSack box

Snacks are the best friends of someone who is working a full-time job. There is a whole package of snacks prepared by different retailers in which there are 11 to 15 snack goodies that a working mom can eat during work if she feels hungry.

There is not always adequate time for a working mom to feed herself and take care of her diet; this snack package can do that for her. Snack as gifts always feels great.

A Sweet Deluxe

A Sweet Deluxe

If it’s an occasion such as Christmas or Easter, you can gift a working mom a package of sweet deluxe in which there should be a whole collection of different sweets. Sweet chocolates and candies are always a pleasure; this would be a great gift if you have a sweet touch.

A sweet deluxe contains rosemary, sea salt shortbread cookies, butter cookies, and chocolate-dipped pretzels. This box also has gluten-free dark chocolate, crunchy Meyer lemon shortbread cookies, artisan caramels, pecan toffees, gourmet granola mix, and many other sweet delights.

Nat Geo Foods for Health

Nat Geo Foods for Health

Working mothers need extra nutrition supplements to work the whole day and with the baby. Nat Geo food is a book combining food items with all the healthy food supplements that keeps a woman healthy and robust.

This book has food pairings, menus, hundreds of tips, and more than a hundred environmentally friendly superfoods. This book contains food admired by people belonging to different cultures. This way, moms can learn different food combinations and try different food items daily.

Customized Jewelry

Customized Jewelry

If you have a working mom and it’s her birthday, you can gift her a customized necklace that says you are the best mom in the world or a ring or bracelet that says I love you, mom. In this way, you can show your mom some love and can also be creative at the same time.

A love knot necklace can also make her realize your love for her. To a mother, her kids are everything; in this way, you can also make her feel equally loved and appreciated.

Final Thoughts

All working moms need pampering; they deserve the best gifts. If you are looking for a valuable present for a working mom and not just a present she will pass on to others to never use again, a unique gift; this article is all you need.

If you think about giving her something for self-care, a gift she could use for her daily commute, or help her deal with anxiety with delicious food goodies. This article has all the information about all those presents.

If you are shopping for a working mom and cannot decide what to give her, look briefly at this article, and you might instantly find the answer to your problem. Good Luck!

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