Get Paid to Color: The Ultimate Side Hustle for Creatives

Coloring can be a stress buster and calming activity for some people. It is like meditating and putting out all the negative energy aside. People who want to relieve tension and stress prefer coloring in their free time. Coloring helps in focusing and soothes your brain cells. Coloring is preferred in children as well as in adults. This hobby increases children’s motor skills, which is why most kids prefer coloring. Coloring and drawing are linked; if you can draw, you would want to color too. If you are good at coloring and don’t know what to do with this skill, you will be surprised to know that you can get paid to color.

You can start coloring as a side business and then get along with it slowly. If you want to get paid to color, you are in the right place; this article has several methods to explain how to make money by coloring pages. In a survey held in 2015, a bookstore reported selling more than 12 million coloring books. It is apparent from the stats that coloring can be a business, as many enthusiasts post their fantastic coloring skills online for everyone to see and get inspired. Get ready to make money from your talents. Let’s get to the point.

Can You Make Money by Coloring?

Yes, you can put your skill to work and make money by coloring pages. You can also start a business by coloring, making money online, and taking it as a part-time job. If the business increases, you can make it a full-time job.

Your earnings can be between $10,000 and $100,000 per year through this job. Your earnings depend on how better you are at your job. Taking an example from some successful businesses, Jade Summer is a coloring book brand and a shareholder at Amazon whose sales reach $10,000 every month.

Coloring can turn into a full-time job without a doubt if your skills are strong and you have the willpower to make your skill a source of income. There are significantly fewer people in the world who get a chance to work on their skills and make it a source of their income.

Creativity is a primary key in coloring; if you are creative, you will excel in your business and vice versa. According to research done at Glassdoor, an artist can make an average amount of $67,000 annually. You can also join multiple forums, leaderboards, and other social media platforms, advertise your skills online, and put some extra money in your pocket.

14 Ways to Get Paid to Color

You can make money by coloring pages if you have plenty of free time during the day and no activity. This way, you will work on your skill and enjoy your work. The people who enjoy coloring, the following are some tips you can adopt to make money;

1. Coloring Product Tester

Coloring Product Tester

You can become a coloring product tester and add reviews about different coloring products launched by different companies. Coloring brands usually pay a lot of money to influencers who have a vast number of followers.

You can start by making social media accounts on multiple sites and gaining several influencers; then, you can get sponsorships from different coloring brands and review their products by opening a YouTube channel or other social media apps.

Besides this, you can also sign up on platforms like opinion outpost and pinecone research, where you can test things and get paid in return. These platforms are great for testing products; these products can be other than coloring supplies. You can also review those supplies if you think your reviews are reaching a bigger audience.

2. Story-teller Through Your Art

Story-teller Through Your Art

There is the latest trend in the market in which writing stories through art is getting famous. Posting specific drawings without meaning is easy, but telling a story through your art drawing can be tricky. If you have the skill to tell stories not through words but with your drawings, you can attract a bigger audience and gain extra money.

Make people connect with you through your stories by drawing positive images and a good message. Many brands are online, with a story behind them for the people. Story-telling is a vital marketing trend as people love stories.

3. Download the Coloring App that Pays Money

Coloring App that Pays Money

Mistplay is a coloring app that can pay you money by playing games on a smartphone. If you sign up on Mistplay, you can get paid to color through several apps, including Tap Color, Cross Stitch Coloring Mandala, Cross Stitch, and Coloring Book. All these apps have different coloring games that pay real money.

While coloring through Mistplay, you can earn units and points while playing games online. You can change these units and points to Visa cash cards and get money in exchange for it. You can also get gift cards where you can directly shop from online shopping apps such as Amazon, eBay, Starbucks, etc.

4. Become a Coloring Influencer

Become a Coloring Influencer

After making an account on social media, you can work on gaining followers with the same interest. You can create an excellent platform for monetizing your skill and collecting people with the same skill.

You can influence many people to do the same job by making an account on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. You can review or advertise coloring supplies of big companies that will increase your sponsorship criteria, and you will gain more clients.

You can also become an Amazon affiliate; through this, you can review amazon products of coloring supplies, including pens, markets, pointers, paints, crayons, canvases, graphic designing tables, and so much more.

You can influence your fans to become affiliate marketers, and they can also get paid by coloring and advertising coloring supplies. You will have to sign up for many Amazon affiliate programs before promoting amazon products on different social media applications.

5. Start a Strong Network Through Social Media

Start a Strong Network Through Social Media

You can start coloring blogs where you can do many things, such as make coloring tutorials and promote or review coloring products such as coloring books, pencils, markers, and other supplies in your blog. Affiliate marketing is also an incredible way to advertise coloring products and make money.

If someone buys a product using the link you provided, you will get your share of the money from that purchase. This way, the more your influencing network is, the more clients you will attract who will buy that product from the link you provided. You can earn 30 to 50% of commissions from every purchase.

Amazon and Etsy offer affiliate programs through which you can do affiliate marketing and display ads on your blog or social media platforms. You will get paid for every online purchase after seeing your ad.

6. Create Your Website

Create Your Website

Creating social media accounts and writing blogs and videos for YouTube are necessary to reach a bigger audience. Still, you also need a website to sell your coloring ideas, supplies, and other products to the world.

Through the website, you can experience marketing and promote your work. This website will have all the genuine reviews about your products, which can be good or bad. Your website can bring you a lot of money if you give it time and attention.

7. Become an Interior Designer

Become an Interior Designer

As explained earlier, if you can color well, you can draw well too. Becoming an interior designer does not require a fancy degree from an expensive university. You can become an interior designer through sheer skill and hardworking on that skill. Primarily interior designers draw from pencils and then add visuals to their drawings.

You can make paintings and designs of people’s homes and give them a new furniture line to ultimately change how your home looks. You can make your clients understand your concepts with the help of your drawing, and coloring adds to the vision of how it will look. This way, you will get a complete chance to become creative, show your artistic abilities, and decorate people’s homes and offices while getting a great package.

8. White Label and Sell Your Coloring Products

White Label and Sell Your Coloring Products

While labeling a product means you can buy a product from any company, make it your brand after some slight changes, and sell it on multiple websites such as Amazon and Etsy. You can sell these white-labeled products on FBA.

These white-labeled products bring a significant profit because you can sell them in your desired amount as it becomes your brand’s product. Amazon FBA is an excellent platform for storing, completing orders, and delivering and returning products effectively and efficiently.

9. Adapt Latest Promotion Techniques

Adapt Latest Promotion Techniques

Considering the internet’s changing and growing trends, you need to look more dynamically toward your promoting technique. You cannot just add stories, put out YouTube videos, relax back, and think that this will automatically reach a bigger audience.

It would help if you promote your work through the latest digital PR techniques, creating trends, and contextual and strategic marketing. There are other ways to promote your work, including; email publishing and audience segmentation. You can select the audience you want your work to reach and start emailing those customers through their subscriptions.

10. Start Your Own Coloring Subscription Box Business

Start Your Own Coloring Subscription Box Business

You can start selling coloring subscription boxes for children and adults. You can create a subscription box to add fun and unique products of your choice into the box. Many clients will get attracted to your box if you keep creative and fun-loving products inside it.

You can enhance your business if your products speak for themselves and are unique compared to other subscription boxes introduced by competitors. You can sell these boxes monthly or quarterly, depending upon the time you need to add creative ideas to the box.

11. Start a YouTube Channel

Start a YouTube Channel

You can earn great money by opening a YouTube channel; in this channel, you can create your colorful world by posting tutorials, reviews, drawings, and coloring skills to the audience. People are earning a fortune through a YouTube channel; if you have the views, you have the money.

Later, you can sponsor your channels through many ads, videos, and other links. You can add links and ads of the coloring supplies produced by coloring companies who like to get their products promoted by you.

You can slowly bring traffic to your YouTube channel through Etsy, Shopify, and Amazon FBA. These coloring jobs are responsible for excellent earnings if you work online and your latent is unique and appealing.

Creating engaging content is one of the complex tasks to attract viewers. If you can create good content, you are surely getting a significant amount of money with every video you upload.

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12. Enter or Host an Online Coloring Competition

Enter or Host an Online Coloring Competition

You can get money by coloring pages online, and many coloring games, such as coloring competitions, pay real money. You can participate in a coloring competition with fixed-price money for the winners. This way is the easiest for getting paid to color.

You can also host an online coloring competition for many reasons, including advertising your cool designs to the audience and attracting people to your coloring products. When there is a birthday party for a kid or any other event, you are the one who will be there to be the coloring expert.

You can host a coloring competition by charging an entry fee and a deadline, then add a digital coloring page online where kids and adults can participate and play the game you are hosting. After the deadline crosses, you can display the online results of many people and then choose the winner for the successful online player. This hosting competition can be for kids as well as for adults.

13. Sell Your Coloring Pages and Art Work

Sell Your Coloring Pages and Art Work

If you have the ability, you can create coloring pages of your own choice and sell them on Etsy and Amazon, and millions of people are ready to buy your online products. You must get supplies, make drawings, print them out, and put their ads on shopping sites.

People from across the globe would like to buy if your products are worth buying. If you purchase the commercial rights of sites like Careful Journals, you will get a commission on every product purchased from this site. You can resale these products on Etsy and other selling platforms. This method will give you coloring pages you can sell and earn money solely.

14. Niche Coloring

Niche Coloring

You cannot become famous and successful if you do not niche down. Selecting a particular niche and then working on it will make your work look skilled. If you start coloring everything, you won’t make good money. You must choose and focus on a single topic or a genre, then color the related drawings.

It would help if you adapted to the latest marketing strategies, in which they learn and focus on one topic to attract sales conversions. You should select a particular niche and work on it before promoting it in front of others. For example, you pick a niche related to animals and wildlife; then, you color animals and forests in your videos only. If you start coloring other things, it will confuse your audience.


Coloring can be a hobby for many people; age does not matter. You are not supposed to block yourself from gaining multiple money opportunities. Getting paid to color pages is the least you can do to earn money. Many ideas are explained in detail above; you can mix and match these ideas to make a good business full-time.

You can start a blog and a YouTube channel simultaneously and still fund them with ads simultaneously. If you are willing to exceed from a hobby to an ethical business and have the potential to work for it, then you can earn significant money from this coloring business.

You can also work by staying home and letting the other apps and markets work for you. You need to buy a coloring book and do some coloring. It would help if you could take good pictures of your art to attract customers. You can get money by posting these colored images on social media apps.

Multiple options for getting paid through coloring are available such as creating your blog or tutorials; you can add your review on YouTube and gain views. This article instore all the information and tips through which you can earn big bucks. Good Luck!

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