Legit Ways to Get Paid To Be An Online Friend In 2023

There are lots of ways that people can utilize to earn money online. One of the best approaches to earning money is by following your passion. If you are addicted to texting and chatting, you can turn your skills to get paid to be an online friend. One of the easiest ways to earn money is to talk to someone.

It may sound crazy, but yes, it is true. You can talk to someone feeling lonely by being their friend. Despite being connected to the whole world, some people still feel lonely and want to talk with someone, and they can pay for that.

If you are searching for an online friend or to be someone’s friend and want to earn money, this article covers everything. We will describe all possible ways to find friends online or give your services to someone and get paid to be a friend.

Why Do People Search For Online Friends?

It is pretty tempting to tell someone to go outside, have fun, and make friends like other people used to do. The activities and mindset of the new generation are different from the old ones, which is why motivating them has become very difficult.

Generation Z has fewer opportunities for getting social and interacting with people. The changing in the environment and society make it difficult for them. Increasing population and traffic make the place smaller for them to do activities.

There are many other reasons why people are always searching for online friends. Some reasons are as follows.

  • Living far away from friends’ group
  • Feeling lonely and isolated
  • They find it easier to share their thoughts with someone they don’t know

Making online friends is not always a negative situation. Most people love adding new people to their life, alongside many other friends. Today, becoming an online friend of someone is not necessarily an awkward decision; it is as same as making friends in school or college.

Things To Consider Before Becoming Anyone’s Online Friend

things to consider before friending online

There are many reasons to be someone’s online friend, but there are a few things that you must consider before becoming anyone’s friend. These questions you must ask yourself:

  • Will you feel comfortable talking with strangers about your life?
  • Do you have non-judgmental behavior with other people, especially with your friends?
  • Can you become friendly to strangers?
  • Can you listen to someone frequently and be a good listener?

There are many other questions to ask yourself before becoming anyone’s friend. You have to ask yourself if you can talk with someone for longer or at night. Some people ask for meetups and video chats. Will you be okay? If you have no problem, it will be your best decision to get paid for your services.

How Can You Get Paid To Be An Online Friend?

Are you wondering how you can get paid to be a virtual friend’’? Then don’t worry. If you want to earn money by being someone’s friend, then here is the procedure what you have to do is to start the business.

Create A Profile

First, you must create an account on the site that offers this opportunity. You have to summarize yourself completely, including some unique habits and the charm of your personality.
There is no need to be an expert to be someone’s friend; you only need good talking skills to start a chat. If you are an introvert, you may get fewer clients, but if the other person is also an introvert, he will love to talk to you.

Make sure to create your profile as honestly and thoroughly as possible. Many people searching for online friends will instantly contact you if your profile seems exciting.

It is a money-making opportunity you can avail to make your personality more exciting and better. If the other person likes you, then it is likely possible for you to earn more money.

Be Unique

It will be a good idea to add any other language skills or experience in certain areas if you have any. It helps you to attract many clients within a few times. If you know some skills that can make your profile more powerful and help you get more money, then it would be worth adding them.

If you choose a generic site to pay people for being an online friend, then make sure to add something unique about you to attract clients. For example, if you go to a party and meet a pilot or astronaut, you will surely want to talk to him to spend quality time while knowing his activities and profession.

But if someone says he recently opened a shop, will you go there to try his product? No, you will prefer to buy it from an old shop with some quality product that has been selling for a longer time, because you will spend money.

It is like this example; if you are a new person, you will need to make some effort to attract clients. You can only do this by making your profile attractive to others who open it.

Add Financial Details To Your Account

Most of the sites pay their customers or clients through PayPal or electronically. It means you can get money right in your hand. If you do not have a PayPal account, then it would be a problem.

First, create your PayPal account, and add its details to your site profile. Now, you are ready to start your business.

Pass The Test

Some sites request new people to pass the test and then get access to clients and be a friend of them. There are only a few sites that require this test; otherwise, most of the sites do not ask for it.

You don’t have to worry about the test; they will not ask you about the capital city of the world or anything like that. It has a few questions for a new person to know about his personality and habits.

It might also be why they want to know whether you are suitable for online companionship. Based on your test, they judge your personality and see if you are or are not suitable for the site.

Client’s Approach

After completing the profile, you can use it to be a friend. Some clients search through profiles of people, like their age, skills, location, gender, and attributes, then they contact a person if he is their type.

People who like your profile and want to talk to you will send you a message that will appear in your account messenger. It is up to you if you want to accept their offer; if you like their profile and want to chat, then accept, but if you do not like their personality, you can ignore their request.

You will find many options to talk with other option; like:

  • Video chat with a person at an agreed time and date
  • Have a phone call with a person at an agreed date and time
  • You can talk to them in a chat room
  • You can get paid by texting people by phone

Best Websites to Get Paid To Be An Online Friend

If you are searching ‘’get paid to be an online friend app’’, then don’t worry. There are many ways to get paid as an online friend, but these sites are the best platforms to provide your services or to find online friends. Here are a few legit and relevant websites according to your interest.

Rent A Friend

Rent a Friend is a legit website allowing thousands of people to find online friends. You only have to open it, create your account, and contact people worldwide. You can fix your chatting time and limit yourself and others from approaching you at that specific time.

There are over 600,00 people on this website, and making friends from all around the world. You have to be careful while using this website because the site does not let you see or visit the background profile of others.

You can make almost $20 to $50 per hour by making friends with people. It is up to you; you can fix your amount between these prices. If you feel someone insists on reducing the amount to $20, it can be negotiated.

Rent A Cyber Friend

Rent A Cyber Friend is one of the best platforms to make friends. It has a similar concept to Pen Pal. The tasks you have to do might be helping someone to speak and learn any language or guiding someone.

You can also help others enhance their talking ability through texts and calls. You will get paid for doing these tasks. It is free to join this site, but you must select a premium membership. It can be silver, gold, or bronze, whatever you want.

Your membership will help you to get fast matchups with people and unlock better visibility. There is no payment rule; the site lets you fix your rate between $15 to %$50 per hour.

You can cash out your money when it hits $75. This site lets you background check other persons before signing in to the account.


Fiverr is one of the biggest platforms for freelancers worldwide. You can approach people, or people can approach various services, like digital marketing, web services, writing, transcribing, and many more.

Most people do not know that Fiverr even offers services to be a friend of someone and get paid for that. It is known as a Fiverr friendship gig. You can provide your services to people by creating your account on Fiverr as an online friendship seller person.

People selling friendship services charge almost $5 to $50 for a gig. On Fiverr, there is no limit for charging a fee for selling your friendship services; you can charge $10,000 per hour if you want. Fiverr cuts a 20% commission from every payment that you receive. 

Friend PC

FriendPC you want to be someone’s friend and get paid for it, then Friend Pc is another alternative. You can provide many services, such as a virtual girlfriend, virtual gamer, virtual friend, and online companion.

Except for any scam, there are a lot of people who pay for your services. Friend Pc is one of those platforms that immediately pays you after completing your service. After finishing any task or service, you will get your cash instantly.

You can get paid between $5 to $30 for each task. It is up to you if you want to add more fees. You can increase the amount according to your need and time.

Rent A Local Friend

Rent a local friend is similar to the rent a friend website. You can select your fee for providing services to any person for an hour or weekly. This site allows travelers to make friends with locals, so it is a perfect place to get paid by chatting in English.

The service fee is according to your interest; if you want to get paid daily, you can get your daily payment; otherwise, you can select weekly payment. You can also fix your rate according to your hobby for selected hours.

The site allows a person to fix an hourly rate maximum of $20; you cannot set an amount of more than $20 for an hour.


Freelancer is also one of the biggest platforms people use to provide services. There are many services that you can provide to get paid. Even if someone is searching for a virtual friend, it also provides these services.

After signing up to the site, you can bid on 8 different projects you want to work on. You only have to search for opportunities to be friends with someone; you will see many people searching for a virtual friend.

How Much Can You Earn From Being An Online Friend?

There are different amount categories for people on these sites. It is totally up to you how much rate you want to fix per hour or weekly. Most people on these sites set per hourly rate, so it would be best to set your rate per hour.

You can set it according to your requirement, but the correct and suitable amount is between $15 and a maximum of $50. Commonly people set $20 per hour as their friendship fee. Many people only provide their services on weekends but still earn $300 to $500 monthly.

It all depends on how much time you give to your client. And the main point is how many clients for whom you are working with at the same time. If there are many, select one hour for every client and charge per hour.

Some sites cut their commission from a person’s payment, so remember it. There’s an enormous range of rates that people set hourly.

  • The primary companionship service person can charge $20 per hour.
  • People with experience and good talking ability can charge $50 per hour.
  • A skilled person who does this for a longer time can earn $2,000 per week.

While doing your job, the longer experience you have, the bigger you can charge. It is also important how much time you give to an individual client; if you give more than an hour and they like you, you can surely get more. Your good talking ability will help you to get good wages.

It might mean to some people to charge an amount for being someone’s friend. If you are providing services to people who desperately need your service, what is wrong with getting paid for that? Doing this will also help you understand people’s nature and make you feel better.

Important Tips To Know Beforehand

The sites that we share in this article are strictly platonic. If anyone contacts and approaches you for more than chatting, then block and report them immediately; these sites are not like that. If you are being blackmailed or harassed by someone, reporting them is the best solution.


While chatting and being a friend with a stranger, keep your secrets and personals to yourself. When you are getting paid to be a friend, remember that there is no in-person meetup, so avoid it.

Use your common sense of how much you have to reveal yourself in front of a new friend you made a few days before. Few things can be used to harm you; they can track your home location or any information to commit fraud with you.

Keep your things like date of birth and location to yourself; you do not have to share them. It is up to you whom you want to select as a friend, so choose wisely.

After accepting a person’s request, if you feel uncomfortable while talking to him, there is no need to continue; feel free to end it at any time. Your safety and satisfaction come first, and money comes after that.

Payment’s Security

These sites are foolproof sites for the payment process. They offer a secure payment process that you can use to get your payment. Your daily or weekly payment will not get ripped off by anyone.

If you want to go to some other site or do not like the site and want to deactivate your account, then make sure that all your payment has been cleared and get it securely.

Before using the site, research it and see what other people say about their experience; if others have a good experience with the site, then feel free to use it with a secure payment process.

Final Words

Technology is providing you with many ways to earn money. You can earn by using your talent if you are a good talker. Becoming an online friend is a common job that people prefer to do nowadays.

You can charge according to your requirement because every site differs from the others. You can earn hundreds of dollars by being a companion with lonely people. This article listed all the information about how to get paid to be an online friend and which platforms are letting people be friends and get paid for it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, many websites offer a platform where you can get paid by chatting with people. People on these sites are looking for friends and good companions; you can provide your services if you have good talking experience and ability and earn money through it.

Yes, being a companion with people and charging a fee for your services is legal. Many peoples do this as a profession to earn money. People feel good about providing their services to people who feel lonely and want someone beside them.

You can earn a lot of money by being friends with people. People with no experience can charge $20 per hour. With the start of this amount, you can increase the per-hour fee with time.

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