20 Ways To Get Paid for Pictures of Your Body Online

Do you want to make money from your body? Perhaps you’ve heard of the growing trend of people making money by selling pictures of their bodies. Selling body pictures is a great way to make money and can be done with a button.

There are many ways to make money from body pictures, from the modest to the risky. Whether you are an aspiring model or want to make a quick buck, selling body pictures is a great way to make money online.

This article will discuss the basics of selling body pictures, how to set up a profile, and how to get paid for selling body pictures. You can learn different ways to make money by selling body pictures. It gives an overview of how to get started in this lucrative business, from finding the right platform to setting the correct prices for your photos.

You will also get insider tips on how to stay safe as you monetize your body. So, if you’re interested in getting paid for pictures of your feet and body, read on to learn more.

What Basic Things do You Need to Take Good Pictures of Your Body?

If you want to make good money by selling pictures of your body, you need to have access to the following things to have a good impact on the buyer;

DSLR or Mirrorless Camera: Find a good DSLR for your photography, such as Canon EOS Rebel T7 is one of them or if you are comfortable with a mirrorless camera, Sony Alpha is good for you.

Neat Room: Take pictures in a neat and clean room to make the pictures look neat.

Tripod or Gimbal: Use a tripod or gimbal to take tour photos; these gadgets’ stability and photo-taking strength are excellent.

Great Background: Make sure to choose the right background for your pictures; lighting is also essential in photography.

Photo Editing Software: You should also have excellent photography skills and photo editing software that can edit your photos nicely and give you a great photo after editing.

How To Get Paid for Pictures of Your Body?

How to get paid for body pictures

There are different ways to sell your photos and make some extra money. Here is a complete list of legit ways through which you can earn money by selling your body pictures;

1. Stylinity

Stylinity is one of the best options to sell pictures of the body, and it becomes more fun when you are a fashionista. Stylinity is a shopping website that works online by making over 180 online stores representing different brands and putting them on their website.

To earn money through Stylinity, you need to wear clothes present in any one of their online stores and click pictures. Upload these pictures online on your social media app; everyone who buys their clothes and other accessories will get their share of the money after clicking on your picture.

If you are into fashion and know some marketing techniques, you can become their brand ambassador, and they will pay you a good amount of money.


  • You will get style perks points when someone clicks on your posted link.
  • These points become cash rewards.
  • You can earn significant money with a single click.


  • You might have to leave your comfort zone to wear different clothes.
  • There is a risk of your photos sharing on different apps.

2. Scoopshot

Scoopshot is one of the best ways to sell photos for money. This website lets you upload pictures for free and earn $5 per picture you post on this platform. You must upload pictures on this platform and wait for the potential buyers who need your stuff. Scoopshot allows you to contact customers directly. These buyers can contact you and purchase from you directly.

You can participate in the contest on Scoopshot, which will pay you $5 for every picture you post, your pictures need high quality to win the contest, and the prize money is excellent. This platform accepts PayPal and can accumulate for as long as you want.


  • There are 6000 daily visitors on Scoopshot, which gives you more chances to get noticed.
  • Connecting with potential buyers directly.
  • $5 on every upload is undoubtedly a great opportunity.


  • You might have to wait for a long time for buyers.
  • It needs high-quality pictures only to get noticed.

3. Alamy

Alamy is a British photography website where you can sell pictures of yourself online for money. The number of visitors to this website is astonishingly high; it has 19 million visitors every month. Every visitor tends to buy something as the pictures uploaded on this website are high-quality and attractive.

This website contains a vast volume of photos of different brands, bloggers, and news organizations that will enable you to choose what you want to sell, and the uploaded pictures tend to sell within 2 days of uploading. You have different deals and bonuses if you make a certain number of sales.


  • It gives 50% bonuses and royalties if you complete orders on time.
  • The royalty percentage is better than other websites.
  • You can get a minimum amount of $50 on each upload.
  • Student photographers can get a 100% commission per sale.


  • You will have to upload only high-quality photos.
  • The policies and terms of this website are strict.

4. SmugMug

SmugMug is a well-known photo marketplace where you may earn money selling images of your body. The platform is there to be easy to explore and find your way to earn extra money by selling your photos.

This platform offers many features that simplify the process for users like you and anyone interested in following this path to financial independence. Notably, the site is accessible to independent contractors and established photographers, so you don’t need formal training in photography to earn money from it.


  • You can include watermarks as a security measure when using the public option.
  • SmugMug offers a 14-day free membership trial before charges accrue, so you can start using it immediately.
  • You can download their app for greater convenience if you prefer using apps.
  • It manages all these tasks while giving you access to a platform that allows you to set your prices for the images you want to sell.


  • With most other platforms, you cannot establish your picture price.
  • You retain ownership of your photos’ copyright and can make them public or private.
  • In this program, you keep 85% of your money, with the remaining 15% deducted as commission. 

5. ManyVids

ManyVids is one of the best applications for selling body pictures. Along with selling photos online, you can also do live streaming on this website and earn extra money. This website has earned many awards, including; global web brans of the year in 2019 and clip site of the year title in 2018.

This website has more than 10 million visitors worldwide, and this number is increasing daily. You can post your photos and videos and put a price tag on them ranging from $3 to $100 per video, which can vary depending on the quality and timing of the video you upload.


  • The number of visitors is excellent, and they have increased in buying.
  • It is a popular website with many awards.
  • You can decide the price tag on each video.


  • Videos are more than photos.
  • Terms and conditions might not suit everybody.

6. Pay Your Selfie

It is one of the best ways to earn money by selling pictures online. Pay your selfie to assign you different tasks you have to do and take your selfies and upload them on its websites; you will get money on each upload as the picture gains trafficking, and your pay rate keeps increasing.

This website assigns you many activities and tasks, such as; dancing, drinking your favorite drink, painting, revealing tattoos, or anything that can be engaging and intrigue several audiences. You can upload these pictures on this website for sale, and if the brands like them, they will make an offer with you.


  • Each selfie can make you earn 20 cents to $1.
  • Your selfies can make you famous in ads and the marketing world.
  • You can make money and endorse different brands with a click.


  • The money is not good comparatively.
  • You cannot make an account on this website until you are 18.
  • Cash-out is possible only when the cash reaches $20.

7. 500px

If you have an excellent portfolio and want to make money from it, 500px is one of the best ways to sell pics for money. This website has both versions; you can sign up for the free trial and also pay to get the premium version after you start making sales. You need to upload engaging, high-quality, and exclusive images and can get paid for them.

If your photos are completely exclusive, you can get 60% money for each sale, and if the photos are ordinary or non-exclusive, this website will pay you 30% of the total. You will have to gain traffic by using trending hashtags, keywords, and other tags on your photos.


  • 500px has more than 16 million active buyers.
  • You can earn $150 per picture if the picture is exclusive and attractive.
  • High-quality content is well-received and appreciated.
  • Along with a website, there is also a 500px app to help you use it.


  • The pay rate kept by the website is more comparatively.
  • The paid version of this website costs a lot.
  • Sometimes, gaining traffic becomes difficult due to increased competition.

8. Clashot

The Clashot app is another method of getting paid for pictures. You can upload your selfie and pictures in general and get paid for them in good amount. The commission you get on every photo you upload is 44%, and you can choose the price tag depending on the quality and worth of your work.

While looking at the competitive price tags, the price tag can lie between 50 cents and $80. The amount of money you earn from this website depends on the number of pictures you upload and the number of pictures sold. You must be selective in uploading high-quality stuff that can attract several buyers.


  • The commission rate is higher than most.
  • You can make your price tag.
  • It allows you to upload as much as you want until the quality is good.


  • The content you upload gets synced by different platforms, including the owners of DepositPhotos and Clashot.

9. Etsy

Etsy is one of the best-known websites to make money by selling photos. You can become a prominent member of the Etsy world by buying and selling different types of crafts, decor, and many more things you like. You can sell your pictures and get money in exchange.

The number of visitors and buyers on this platform is astonishingly high, as there are 40 million users annually who visit and buy from this website annually. This website lets you keep 20% of each sale and takes a 5% commission on your transaction fee. This platform is gaining popularity on a massive level as the sale ratio is increasing daily.


  • You can maximize your earnings on this website due to its popularity.
  • Etsy gives 3.5% sale price relaxation.
  • You can upload anything with complete trust.


  • The commission it gives is less comparatively.
  • The transaction amount cut on this website is more than the other similar websites.
  • Marketing needs more attention than the content itself.

10. Instaprints

Instaprints has been working for a long time and is one of the best websites to sell pictures for money. It is one of the legit ways of earning money by selling photos online for beginners.

You can sync your Instagram account with this website and easily upload your pictures on this website, and you can get paid for the same pictures you uploaded on Instagram for free. It would help if you used famous tags, keywords, and hashtags to come on top. The per-photo charge on this website is $5 to $50, and you can decide the amount between this range.

All you need to do is upload the best quality pictures; other than that, shipping, getting paid, and printing your photos is taken care of by Instaprints. This website has been working since 2006 and has gained several audiences and users.


  • Instaprints lets you decide the price tag of your pictures.
  • The price range is better than most other websites.
  • Linking profiles with Instagram makes the work easy.


  • Commission kept by the website is more than some of the competitors.

11. BentBox

BentBox is one of the best ways to get paid for pictures of your body app. There is no sign-up cost for this website, and the earnings per picture are $3 to $15 if it gets sold. On BentBox, along with uploading pictures, you can also upload videos. This website contains two types of options; one is adult content, and the other is the mainstream option.

If you want to avoid all the adult content, you can go with the mainstream option. You must sign up for this website with your email and start uploading pictures with a price tag. You should add trending descriptions and hashtags to attract your visitors, and the chance for increasing sales rises.


  • You can pay the commission after the sale with no advance payment.
  • Sign-up is completely free.
  • You can get a personal page where you get to upload all your photos and videos.
  • Its payment options include Amazon gift card, Bitsafe, Bitcoin, PayPal, Bank transfer, Neteller, and Skrill.


  • You cannot withdraw the money unless you have a minimum earning of $100.
  • The adult content can be misleading to the youth.

12. Getty Images

If you are wondering how to sell pictures for money? Getty Images is one of the big players in this business. The stock photo world and even the big magazines and newspapers publish their content, and you can get a significant amount of money by uploading content on their website.

Getty Images is well-known for its unique and exclusive content, it demands and allows only exclusive content, and you cannot repeat images. The commission you’ll get after every published photo is 20%, less than the other similar website, but the business at this website is much more than any other website.


  • You can make exclusive content and become famous instantly.
  • It is the best place to upload pictures for sale.
  • The chances of recognition are more significant than other websites.


  • They give out 20% commission, which is lesser than the other websites.
  • Non-exclusive content gets deleted automatically.

13. Foap

If you are wondering how to make money showing your body online? Foap is here for your help. You can get money by selling your photos online. You need to download the Foap app from the play store or app store and create an account by adding your email. You can quickly and directly upload content with the help of this application and get paid directly.

The commission rate is fantastic on this app, as you get to decide your rate, and the company will split it in half and give you the 50% of your sale. This app has multiple competitions where you can participate and get paid by selling photos.

This app mainly looks for fresh faces to upload content, and if you get selected in the competition, you will get $100 to $700 on each photo on average. You can, even more, depending upon your work.


  • They give out 50% commission, which is rare on these websites.
  • You can get extra money by participating in their different contests.
  • Withdrawal options are different; you can take out money by PayPal etc.
  • Many users are making more than $2000 every month from this platform.


  • If you upload a $10 pic, you will get $5.

14. Shutterstock

Shutterstock is a massive platform where people download photos more than any other website because people claim that downloading on Shutterstock is much easier than on other websites. This engagement shows that the number of people downloading your photos is much higher than the other websites.

You need approval for an account on Shutterstock; after signing up for it, add your credentials, such as name, email address, ID, and address. After a few days, your account will open.

At first, they will ask for 10 photos as a trial to check your content and if your photos are worth selling. An evaluation team decides and makes this decision. After this, you can easily upload photos and earn money from them.


  • Your photos are downloaded even after years of uploading.
  • The Sign-up is free, and you can make your price tag.


  • The commission range varies from 15 to 40% depending upon the type of content you upload.
  • If your photos get uploaded more often, you can get 40%, which is the maximum commission percentage.
  • The account approval might take a while.

15. Feetfinder

Feetfinder is one of the best apps for selling feet pictures, and this website’s sign-up cost is $4.99 per month and $29.99 per year. You can put a price tag of $20 per photo on average. Along with photos, you can also upload videos on Feetfinder and get maximum reward.

The commission offered to you is astonishing; they keep 20% on every sale and give you 80% of the commission on each photo. The commission they keep is for your safety, security, and the addition of the latest updates to the website. You can only make an account approved on this website if you have an ID of 18 years or above. You can get a maximum amount of $22 per picture.


  • Feetfinder lets you join from any location worldwide.
  • The commission is 80%, which is amazingly high compared to the other websites mentioned above.
  • 20-80 share is divided, and you get the most; 20% is for the website to provide security and updates.
  • Potential sellers are earning more than $1,000 per month.


  • Sometimes, it gets challenging to find buyers who are willing to buy your stuff.
  • Sign-up is not free, and the charges are high.

16. Snapwire

Snapwire has an application that you can download from the play store and app store and get updates on your phone easily anywhere. It is a worldwide application and allows downloading from any other part of the world. Snapwire keeps 50% and gives the other 50% to you. You can participate in competitions and contests and earn significant money.

The sign-up is free; you can easily make an account for free and start uploading pics. The earning potential on this website depends upon the quality of your photos and offers. This platform has been working efficiently since 2014. It has helped many photographers, videographers, crafters, editors, and artists to show their content on this website with a price tag and earn a good amount of money.


  • 50% commission is yours, which is more than other competitors.
  • You can join Snapwire after turning 18 as a buyer or a seller.
  • You can request payment from PayPal.


  • You can only transact money after earning $100 altogether and not less than that.
  • The payment method is limited to PayPal only.

17. Dreamstime

One of the best websites to earn money by selling your photos online is Dreamstime. The sign-up cost on this website is free, and you can add a price tag of $10 to $14 to each picture.

You can upload photos on your profile for free after downloading their application. The download is free and easy on App Store and Play Store. When you upload a picture, you need to add a price tag on the post that says $10 to $14 per photo, and you can keep 50% of the commission to yourself, and 50% is for website maintenance.


  • The copyrights of your photos are yours as long as you want.
  • If your photos belong to the exclusive category, you will get a 10% bonus.
  • You can sell your exclusive photos for more than 3 years.


  • The transaction method is only through PayPal.
  • You might find the commission a little less than others.

18. Big Stock

Big stock is one of the methods of getting paid for pictures. The sign-up is free for this application, and you can quickly get $0.50 to $25 per download. You get to decide the price tag on each photo and keep your commission.

After you sign-up for free on extensive stock, you will find a tutorial for all the contributors and desired money. After watching the tutorial and learning about the method of getting famous on extensive stock, you can upload your photos.

First, a few will be selected as sample photos, and the extensive stock reviewing team will approve your photos. After a few days, you can get a notification of acceptance. After approval of your profile, you can upload content. When you become one of the subscribers and get a subscription, you will receive all the royalties of extensive stock whenever you upload a picture.


  • The sign-up is free, and the approval process is simple and easy.
  • You can set the price tag below $25, which is more than other websites.
  • The photo-selling rate is more significant than other competitors.


  • The payment is only possible if you have more than $30 minimum.
  • The payment methods are limited to Skrill or PayPal.

19. FanCentro

FanCentro is one of the apps in which you can sell photos for money. The free sign-up cost and the earning potential differ depending on the fans willing to pay you. It would be best if you had Gmail, email, apple, or Twitter account to join FanCentro and upload your pictures to earn money.

You need to monetize your fan base on this website to increase your payment. If you have a great fan following on any social media application, you can ask your fan to join you on FanCentro and help you gain a following.

This way, your fans can interact with you through this app, and you will get money on each download they make. Many US and British influencers have FanCentro profiles and earn great money through this website.


  • There are different payment methods on FanCentro, including Paxum, Check, Skrill, ACH, Wire, USDT, and Sepa.
  • If your fan following is huge, you can get a good amount of money.
  • You can get 75 to 80%, and the rest is for your security and the latest updates for the well-functioning app.


  • FanCentro is only for people with a good fanbase.
  • The price tag will become shorter if you are not famous, and people will not buy your photos.

20. EyeEm

EyeEm is another website for selling pictures online and getting paid for pictures. The sign-up cost is accessible on this website, and your set rate decides your earning potential. You can set the maximum amount on each photo if your profile is highly ranked.

You must be more than 18 years old to become eligible to make a profile on EyeEm. After signing up, you must complete your profile by uploading pictures on this site. EyeEm does not remove old pictures; you can get paid for pictures you posted many years ago. You can also sell the same photos on other websites such as Getty Images and other to get extra money.


  • EyeEm keeps 50% commission and gives the other 50% to you.
  • You can quickly take out money through different transaction methods.
  • The lowest required price to get the money is $10; you can take it out as soon as you hit $10.


  • The commission rate might be high compared to others.
  • PayPal is the only available transaction method.

Precautions For Selling Pictures of Your Body Online

It is not always safe to put your pictures online, and it always comes with a risk of misuse. You need to hide your identity and then upload pictures. If you want to upload your pictures safely, follow these tips;

  • Try to avoid taking pictures of your face or covering your face while taking body pictures; selling body pictures does not require showing your face.
  • Do not interact with someone online who is suspicious about your identity; the vibes are wrong.
  • Do not meet your customers and buyers in person, and do not reveal your sensitive information to these buyers.
  • Do not become emotionally attached to the buyers and customers.
  • Use only legit websites for making an account, the ones with safety confirmation, and read all the terms and conditions before signing in.
  • Interact with the existing users and thoroughly research the website before making an account.

Who Will Buy Picture of Your Body?

There are different websites and mobile applications through which you can sell your photos and make money. Along with some gorgeous selfies, you can also sell your feet pictures online, as there are numerous buyers. Some of the primary buyers of your body pictures include;

  • Film and studios are looking for fresh faces.
  • Marketing and Ad agencies are looking for new people for cost-cutting projects.
  • Brands ask you to promote their products and become brand ambassadors.
  • Lonely Men are looking to fulfill their desires.

All these buyers are looking for fresh faces and exclusive content to invest their money in, and several online websites are willing to sell your photos if you make an account on their websites.

Final Words

There are different places where you can sell your body pictures, but these places don’t need to be safe, and the risk of misuse is always lurking. All the methods mentioned above and websites are legit and guarantee income, along with taking care of your security and safety.

Different types of websites help you get paid for pictures of your body. Some are adult rated, while some are non-adult-rated. It is advisable not to reveal your information while uploading your body pictures. The money is excellent, and you can also cross $1000 per month at the start if your content is exclusive and authentic.


How Can I Sell My Photos Online for Money?

There are different methods through which you can earn money by selling your photos; you can sell them on many websites mentioned above, such as; Getty Images, EyeEm, Shutterstock, and many more. You need to make an account on any of these websites and start uploading pictures with a price tag; soon, you will get your buyer.

Is It Legal to Sell Pictures of Your Body Online?

Yes, it is legal to sell pictures of your body online. You can quickly get paid a tremendous amount of money by uploading your pics if you live in tier-1 countries such as Australia, the USA, Europe, New Zealand, South Africa, and many others.

How Much Can You Make by Selling Photos of Your Body?

The rate of selling pictures depends upon the site you are using to upload your photos and the quality of your photos. There is a range of prices you can get on each photo; it ranges from $5 to $20 per photo on average. The rate can be greater or smaller than this amount as it is average. Many earn more than $50 per day and $8000 per month.

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