13 Dirty Ways to Make Money in 2023

Everyone wants to make money, and there are multiple ways to do so in the current world. Some money-making ways are straightforward, while others require unethical or inappropriate. We know many positive ways of making money; you have to get a demanding degree from a reputable university which will take 4 to 5 years, and then comes the rough part of job hunting. After a long hard work for many years, you can get a job that can pay you enough to fulfill your basic needs. Making money positively and cleanly is long but appeasing.

But some people try to find dirty ways to make money fast; they don’t have the tolerance and strength to go on the clean path of making money. These ways can be tricky but can make you earn more money in less time.

There are many dirty ways to make money, but some are dirtier than others. These ways help you make money because you are willing to do something others are not. There are many dirty ways to make money, and we will discuss a list of those ways, so stay tuned if you want to earn a lot of money quickly.

Top Dirty Ways to Make Money

Here are 13 inappropriate ways to make money;

1. Toilet Cleaner

become a toilet cleaner

This job does not require much effort; you can do it without a particular degree in any field. You can make money by knowing about basic cleaning techniques, and you are good to go. Toilet cleaners earn a fair amount of &54,027 per annum. There are not many people who are willing to clean toilets and make their hands dirty. But if you are willing to do what others can’t, you can earn handsome money.

You can become a toilet cleaner by working in a company or starting your own toilet cleaning business by posting ads or flyers. Many companies hire toilet cleaners, such as big fancy restaurants, including MacDonalds, KFC, big companies, and malls. These places require their washroom to be neat and clean due to the crowd of people in these places. Working in these companies can be much easier than starting your own business as it requires less time and pays more per hour than your own business.

2. Work in a slaughterhouse

work in a slaughter house

All the fancy restaurants and food chains are getting the supplies of chicken, meat, and beef from somewhere, and some people work at these places to slaughter animals and deliver fresh, finely cut flesh to these companies. Working in a slaughter home is one of the dirty ways to make money that most people are reluctant to do. Everybody cannot become a slaughterer as it requires skills in handling a living animal, and slaughtering it is another task.

Slaughterers get a good amount of $29,900 annually because of their effort. They can work in a slaughterhouse or start their own business. Most of these slaughterhouses are not in the city for ethical reasons; they are in rural areas. This way, slaughterers can live without any hustle by just sitting at a place and slaughtering and cutting meat. This job is for strong-hearted people who do not get chills at the sight of blood. If you are not afraid of blood, this job can provide you with a good income.

3. Collecting Roadkill

collecting road kills

Collecting roadkill is one of the weird ways to make money. Suppose you live near a highway or a place near a busy road. In that case, you can collect road-killed animals and sell them to some companies that use dead animals or to plant companies that make fertilizers and other crop-blooming products using animal waste. This job is not for the faint-hearted and requires a lot of effort to collect the dead animals’ remains before decomposing into the environment.

For some people, collecting roadkill can be messy, but if you need money, you forget everything and focus on the job. If you are willing to add extra effort, you can earn good money by doing this job. It also helps the environment by reducing waste.

4. Professional Dumpster Diver

professional dumpster driver

Becoming a dumpster diver is one of the kinky ways to make money; you have to make your clothes and hands dirty and dive into the dirtiest dumpster to find some practical things that can be valuable. A professional dumpster diver can earn almost $1000 per week. There are reports in America that say a woman left a job to become a professional dumpster diver because it was paying more than her other clean job.

If you do not mind if your hands get dirty and you can quickly dive into any trash can or junk box, you can become a dumpster diver. In several places, such as commercial, industrial, construction, and residential areas, owners throw valuable and unused things into their trash that can be useful for many. Sometimes, you can find some valuables in the trash can as well. Not all trash cans need to be full of dirt and filth.

5. Elderly House Cleaner

elderly house cleaner

You can become an elderly house cleaner for older people living alone without house help. This job can pay an average amount of $16.69 per hour along with other benefits like pick and drop and accommodation with food. Many older people cannot do the cleaning of their houses by themselves. You will be responsible for vacuuming, mopping, dusting, washing dishes and clothes, and cooking if possible. If you have all these skills and willing to do the job, you can get a handsome amount of money.

6. Become a Janitor

become a janitor

The average amount of money a janitor earns is $31,819 per annum. Every school and educational institution needs a janitor, which is also gratifying. You have to clean a school and fix the problems of the school to make it a safe and sound place for the kids to learn and play. A janitor earns $25 per hour, which is good money for someone without a degree and skill. This job can also be part-time for some people as school is open only in the daytime.

A janitor has to be at school in the morning, but they can do other jobs at night to make extra money. The janitor job does not take much time and pays way more than you can earn on a hectic day.

7. Become a Professional Mover

become a professional mover

A professional mover charges $18.37 per hour with other allowances and benefits. People who are shifting to new homes need a mover. There is heavy stuff in a house that people can’t move, and that is when they need a professional mover. You can work in a moving company that will provide you with all the accessories, such as a moving van and a team of people to carry heavy objects like furniture and electronics, including air conditioners and washing machines.

A professional mover has to pack up all the stuff that includes sensitive objects you need to handle with care. This job is not easy as it requires a lot of effort; you’ll have to get your hands dirty, lift some heavy objects, and put them in a safe van. These movers can also help you place everything you like in your new home and charge extra money.

8. Gutter Cleaning

gutter cleaner

It is one of the dirtiest and kinkiest ways to make money. You can do this job if you do not have a problem diving into human waste and other filthy dumpsters. An average gutter cleaner earns $39,063 per annum. This job lets you make money compared to other jobs because a few people are ready to dive into a gutter. There are seasons in which job opportunities for gutter cleaners increase; in autumn and spring, many leaves fall and need cleaning immediately.

9. Sell Custom and Digital Products2

Sell Custom And Digital Products

Selling custom and digital is one of the dirty ways to make money online. You can earn $30,000 per month by selling various jewelry brands and fashion brands, and other home décor stuff. It would help if you made an online store where you can put all the stuff you can get in a lesser amount and put it on the website with double pricing. It is a dirty way to make money online, but it enables you to earn a good monthly income.

Some people are selling digital products that are more expensive than custom products because they involve downloadable files such as plugins and eBooks. You can sell these products and make a double profit; this requires an essential business skill, and then you are all set.

10. Be a Dog Poop Scooper

Be A Dog Poop Scooper

People love keeping dogs as their pets but don’t like cleaning their poop. They like to hire people who can do that for them. This job might seem weird to make money, but this can pay a lot. Dog owners do not have time to scoop the poop themselves, so they hire poop scoopers to clean their dog poop. This job can make you a part of those who work for the environment’s cleanliness and help make the community a better place to live. If you love dogs and don’t mind getting dirty for them, this job can save $63,179 per annum.

Check Out Other Quick Ways to Make Money

11. Become a Kinky Webcam Model

Become A Kinky Webcam Model

 In western countries, camming is becoming a famous industry to earn money. There are many sites where you can become a kinky model in front of a webcam. There are millions of people living on those platforms. This job requires a little setup and a permanent internet connection. Camming can help in making a lot of money.

12. Sell Dirty Feet Pics

Sell Dirty Feet Pics

It is a weird way to make money, but some people and companies want pictures of feet covered in dirt, mud, etc. These pictures are for modeling and marketing purposes, and companies are ready to pay considerable money to the people selling them. If you think you are pretty good at clicking pictures and can take photos of your dirty feet or others’ dirty feet, you can sell these pics and gain financial success with a little effort. Here is the guide on How to Sell Foot Pics to Earn Money.

13. Sell your Hair

Sell Your Hair

If you have long hair and your hair growth is a lot. You can also turn this trait into a source of earning by selling hair. There are many hair salons available that can connect you to people buying or selling hair. Many websites are available where you can sell your hair and make a deal with clients. The criteria of this deal are that you should have hair at least 6 inches long to sell. After a client contact you, you can make a deal and ship your hair to their address.

Final Words

To some people earning money can be a simple and easy task that they can do under the roof of their houses without effort, but some people have to do a lot of hard work to find a job and stick to it. Work is work; you have to do it if you want to earn money. There are many other ways to make money than the ones listed above. You can decide the type of job you want to do for your living after thoroughly looking into the pros and cons of each job.

This article instore a whole piece of information containing many dirty and kinky ways to make money, which can be helpful for jobless people without requiring any degree or skill. If you consider doing any of these jobs, do thorough research and try taking the safer option because there can be difficulties. If you think you have the strength to tackle the problems that come along with the job, you should take the risk. Doing a job is not something you can jump into; you need to be patient to find the perfect job. Until then, you can do small, valueless jobs to meet ends.

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