15 Valuable Crafts For Kids To Make and Sell As Hobby

There are many crafts for kids to make and sell, and this blog will give you some valuable ideas and tips for selling these crafts for kids to make money. You can help them start their own business with minimum supplements that are easy to find and available in the market.

If you are a parent to a creative child and don’t know what to do with his creativity and great artistic mind, this blog post consists of a list of easy crafts for kids to make and sell. Stay tuned to get real insight.

How Can You Encourage Your Kids to Make and Sell Crafts?

Throughout the year, your kid might not have time to sit at home and learn crafting. But there are summer and spring breaks when your kids can learn how to make crafts and sell them for profit. You can encourage your kids to take part in this crafting by getting yourself involved in it and making it an exciting thing.

Kids need to become creative and think out of the box; they can learn how to make money through crafting. They will develop an entrepreneurial spirit in them, and they can be more confident.

What Kind of Products Can Kids Make to Sell?

Your kids can make different kinds of products depending on their likes and dislikes and what they can do. If they know something they are good at, they can learn to improve it and enhance their skill to earn money.

If your kids are creative and like digital products, they can get involved in the graphic like video and image editing. There is enormous scope for kids in this field, and people like to hire kids as they have a fresh mind of the current generation and give innovative ideas.

If your kids are great at crafting, they can learn to make handmade items, including; jewelry, pottery, and other crafts, with their skills. It depends upon their interest, and you, as a parent, can only shape their interest into a profession that will help them make money by making and selling these crafts in the market.

There are many products kids can make and sell for money, such as; greeting cards, candles, jewelry, keychains, bookmarks, magnets, etc. Help your kids start their own business by making them understand the responsibility and how committing something to someone is essential.

List Of 15 Easy Crafts to Make and Sell for Kids

There are many crafts kids can do if they have a creative mind. Here is a list of some crafts to make and sell for kids;

1. Gift Baskets

gift baskets

People love to give gifts to their friends and family members, especially when it comes to gifts for working moms. But instead of wrapping them in a shining paper, they want to find a modest option of finding cute and creative gift baskets that can show their love and creativity to their friends and family. Making gift baskets is easy; all you need is shredded paper or a straw, cellophane, enclosure cards, and ribbon.

These gift baskets are popular during festive seasons such as Christmas, Halloween, and Easter. People love these baskets to fill them with candies and other gifts for their loved ones. You can customize these baskets by writing your client’s name or the gift recipients. You can enhance the creativity level of these baskets with some simple and creative threadwork.

2. Custom Pillows and Cushions

Custom Pillows And Cushions

Your kids can make decorative pillows with people’s initials or full names. People are always ready to buy cushions as they enhance the look of their room and change it. Kids can make unique cushions by drawing multiple designs using multiple paintings and templates. They can sell these pillows for profit if they have calligraphy skills.

Skills always bring great profit because you are utilizing something you have for free as a talent and not utilizing any source. Ask your kid to look at the market or search for the latest pillow trends on google and try to design similarly. It will help them to stay trendy and in business consistently.

3. Artwork


Kids always love drawing and other artwork; it is an easy form of creating crafts. It is a fun project for kids who do not love drawing and coloring. Your kids can start drawing creative drawings of some landscape or any other thing, then color them with creativity. You can frame these drawings, sell them in the market, and earn a handsome amount. In the modern world, these artworks are sold at crazy amounts, and you can hit millions with these little artworks.

Suppose your kid has a skill for drawing and coloring; help him to enhance his skill by monitoring their work closely and showing them some YouTube videos to enhance their crafting skills. Learning and practicing make you perfect; kids pick things quickly and can get paid to color.

4. Pet Accessories

Pet Accessories

Every house has a pet, be it a cat, dog, rabbit, parrot, etc. Kids can make little handmade accessories for pets they need during playing and feeding time. These pet accessories include bath towels, feeding bowls, and squishy toys. All these accessories are handmade and not readily available in the market. You can sell these accessories quickly by putting an advertisement or selling them by hand door to door.

5. Kites


Kites are easy crafts to do at home; they need minimal supplies. Single-line kites are very easy to make and easily tested. Kids can also learn to make biplane, box-style, cylinder, and octopus-style kites. Butterflies, classic triangle-design kites, and delta-style kites are available in the market. If you can make these kites, you can sell them at desirable prices and gain a good amount of profit with little creativity.

6. Elastic Headbands

elastic headbands

Elastic headbands never go out of style, and kids can learn to make and sell them quickly with little supplies and focus. Ladies and little girls love elastic headbands, and multiple designs are available in the market. Kids can learn these designs quickly, copy them, and add creativity to their work.

Elastic headbands can be of different colors to enhance clothing and shoes. Little girls always love to match these headbands with their clothes and shoes to look cute. Many companies might want to buy huge volumes of these elastic headbands if they are of acceptable quality and creative at the same time. Kids can make extra profit with their creativity by selling them in massive amounts.

7. Wooden Toys

Wooden Toys

Wooden toys are creative and can be DIY crafts for kids to make and sell. Kids can make wooden city blocks, cameras, and many other toys to sell in the market. These wooden toys are unique and always attract kids. Kids can make these crafts with the help of some wood blocks and pieces left from other projects.

These types of crafts help the kids to be creative by using their hands and eyes in coordination, and they enjoy making these toys instead of wasting their eyesight on digital projects and clicking through stuff. When these wooden toys are ready to go to the market, kids of every age love to buy them, and they are more fun than regular toys.

8. Face Masks

Face Masks

During the Covid times, selling face masks became a source of income for many people across the globe. These face masks gain popularity quickly, and people are now using them because they have generated a habit. Kids can make different types of masks, including; cloth masks, surgical, and foam masks. Kids can draw creative designs on these masks with the help of a thread, can make them by using different prints, or match masks with clothes and sell them in the market.

These masks are still famous, and people buy them frequently as accessories to their clothes, like a headband. Kids can also make reusable and washable masks with the help of different stuff introduced in the market. Different sizes of these masks are available, including masks for kids and adults. Different styles of masks are available to sell; kids can get inspiration from them.

9. Bird Houses

Bird Houses

Many people like to keep birds as pets and want a perfect house to live in. After discussing it with their client, kids can customize birdhouses and use simple materials such as milk cartons, perch, and other non-toxic plants. After getting all these supplies, kids can assemble them into birdhouses.

Kids use their creativity to make these houses and can earn good cash in exchange for these houses. After kids make these birdhouses and gain good money, kids can also learn some good engineering techniques and become confident in making more money. Kids can quickly learn new techniques and designs to build these birdhouses.



Making and selling bookmarks are the easiest way of earning money. They are straightforward to make and can be creative according to your choice. You can write different texts on them and make them attracted to people. Kids can also learn to draw different and cute drawings on these bookmarks. There are hundreds of designs of these bookmarks available in the market.

There are pressed flower bookmarks, for which you need a cereal box, pressed flowers, baking paper, colored paper, wool yarn, and white paper towel or tissue paper to make these bookmarks. Press the flower and glue on them, then attach them to charts and cut them out of your choice. Let the glue dry, and add glitter to make them look attractive.

11. Slime


Kids love playing with slime, and some kids love making slime. Making slime is a fantastic business idea for kids. Slime is very easy to make, and there are many creative ideas to make slime.

You can add glitters of many shapes in slime. There are many food coloring available that you can add in slime to make it look worth buying. YouTube is full of slime-making techniques. Kids can make slime with essential ingredients and make good money through this. Making slime is a great business idea because kids love making and selling slime.

12. Candles


Candles are one of the best crafts for kids to make and sell. Candles are made easily with basic stuff and simple techniques. Every home love to have candles, and scented candles are gaining popularity daily.

People like buying candles because candles give a cozy and warm look to every room. Kids can make these candles easily at home and add scent. These candles are in great demand in the market, and everyone loves to buy them.

13. Keychains


Kids can make keychains that have different artwork on them. Keychains with letters are pretty famous; everyone loves having their initials on their keychains. Kids can also make keychains with different people’s names on them and sell them in the market for good money.

Keychains can have drawings and portraits of pictures given by different people. If somebody knows how good you are at your drawing, they will show you their images, and you can make a miniature portrait of them and attach it to a keychain. You can get desired money through this method.

14. Cups and Mugs

Cups And Mugs

Kids can make cups and Mugs and decorate them with different designs and text ordered by different clients. Kids can show their creativity on these mugs and write quotes and other texts. People like to install their pictures on these mugs and customize them differently.

Kids who are into graphic designing and photo editing would love to do this and sell them in the market for good money. Creative cups and mugs are an excellent idea for earning a handsome amount if you can make and sell a large volume of these mugs in the markets, and the demand for these cups never decreases.

15. Homemade Lip Balm

Homemade Lip Balm

Kids can sell homemade lip balm if they like combining products to make something good and valuable in winter. These lip balms are in demand and can help you gain a good profit if you make them in bulk instantly.

It is easy to make them in a large jar and then distribute them in small boxes to make them look pretty and cute. Different flavors and colors of these lip balms are available in the market; kids can quickly learn how to make them.

Final Words

The crafts in this article are fun; kids can make them very quickly in little time. Kids can learn how to make them by watching different tutorials and start making them. You do not need any experience for this work, and you can earn much money in return.

Money-making will enhance the kids’ earnings and make them understand the actual value of money. Along with making money, these crafts help enhance and polish your skills and make you a better person.

You will find many exciting things from the list given above and engage your kid in these valuable activities that will help him learn something and use their skills instead of wasting their free time on useless activities.

Making and selling things from home is a perfect business idea for kids and adults. If you try to do it professionally and focus on your business, you can quickly become a millionaire. Good Luck!

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