9 Best Websites for Graphic Designers to Make Money in 2022

With the recent boom in the popularity of freelancing websites, the number of graphic designers has risen dramatically. With this increase, there have been more freelance opportunities and more competition for jobs.

If you’re looking to earn a living as a graphic designer, these sites will help you get started. In this article, we’ll take a look at some best websites for graphic designers to make money online.

How do graphic designers make money?

Freelance graphic design is currently booming, offering designers a wide range of career opportunities. Freelance work opportunities include designing logos, brochures and posters as well as various print material, web design and even e-book covers.

Graphic designers also earn from ad design, identity & branding projects which include consulting with clients on the rationale behind choosing a particular color scheme or font.

There are other creative side hustle options such as doing design work for other professionals, starting your own freelance business or even creating your product or service.

9 Best Website for Graphic Designers to Make Money

Just because you are a graphic designer, it doesn’t mean that you will be using your design skills just for yourself. Instead, you can use your talent to earn money by designing graphics for others.

Here I will show you some websites that are great for graphic designers to join, so you can get started making money. Let’s take a look at the 9 best websites for graphic designers to make money.

1. Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the most popular freelance sites where designers can sell their skills. On this site, graphic designers can offer their services starting as low as $5 and it has no minimum payment per gig. It is one of the best websites for graphic designers to make money.

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Therefore, if you are just starting or testing your freelance skills, this is a perfect place to start. If you want to earn money on Fiverr, you’ll need testimonials and ratings from clients to help build your reputation and gain more jobs from the site.

2. PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour is another freelance site you can use to get work from home as a graphic designer. In terms of job types, this site covers almost everything you can think of including graphic designing, design & branding, website development and even photography.

You can check their homepage to see what they have available or create a profile and start bidding on projects that you qualify for.

3. DesignCrowd

From logos and brochures to the product packaging and e-book covers, DesignCrowd provides it all for you. The site is home to thousands of graphic designers from around the world and you can check their profiles and portfolios so you can choose the right one for your job.

Freelancers can also set their rates as well as the percentage of commission, so your earning opportunities are huge with this site. When you are searching for the best websites for graphic designers to make money, you can’t miss DesignCrowd.

4. 99designs

99designs is another well-known way to get some freelance work from home. The site hosts experienced designers from all around the world, so you will have to meet their requirements and requirements first before you can apply for jobs.

You can find different types of graphic design jobs on this site, as well as different freelance roles like logo design, brochure designs and more.

5. GraphicRiver

GraphicRiver is an excellent place to sell your graphic design skills. Hundreds of professional designers and artists have created thousands of graphics templates, images and other resources and they are available for commercial use on this site.

If you are looking to earn from selling stock photos, graphics or images, this site can be a great way to start making money. When you are looking for the best websites for graphic design to make money, you should check out GraphicRiver. It is an easy way to get your work seen and sell your design skills.

6. Creative Market

If you are a graphic designer looking to sell your design skills, you may want to check out Creative Market. The website has thousands of graphics and illustrations available for commercial use.

As a contributor, you will get paid for the download of your resources and you can set up your prices as well. You don’t need any listing fees or any other fees to sell your work on this website, so it might be one of the best websites for graphic designers to make money from home.

7. Behance

If you want to show off your creative work, Behance is the best website for graphic designers to make money. The site has a large user base of graphic design fans, who will appreciate your designs and want to hire you for their next project.

This freelance platform is more focused on design than some other sites and allows users to share their portfolios and receive competitive offers from designers all around the world.

8. Designhill

Designhill is a site you need to check out if you are looking to make money as a graphic designer. The platform has been featured in Forbes and on BBC, so it is well-known in the industry.

Their community of designers and small businesses is looking for creative and eye-catching designs and you can earn by submitting your design ideas. If the client likes your work, they will pay for it and you can start making money from this platform from home.

9. UpWork

UpWork is another site for you to check out if you are looking for freelance jobs as a graphic designer. You can also earn extra money by selling design services like ebooks and graphic logo templates on this website. The site also has various types of graphic design jobs, but they don’t provide details about the work types.

Creating a profile and joining this platform is pretty easy and should be one of the best websites for graphic designers to make money from home. Among the best websites for graphic designers to make money, this one should be on your list.

Mostly Asked Questions

Yes. It is possible to work from home as a graphic designer. Most of the designers who choose to work from home do so because they can set their hours and schedules. Being able to create your schedule is a tremendous motivator for many freelancers.

The average hourly rate for an entry-level graphic designer is $20 to $30. According to career pages like salary.com, the average annual salary for this category of workers is between $33,260 and $54,141.

You’ll also find top designers earning a lot more than this number. While it’s impossible to predict the amount a graphic designer will earn in the future, their annual salary will likely continue to rise.

To make money as a graphic designer online, you’ll need experience and a portfolio of work. Freelance sites are great for getting your name out there and establishing yourself as a talented designer.

However, you must be able to prove that you can deliver quality work consistently. Knowing what it takes to create something that people want is another essential skill to possess as an online graphic designer.

Final Words

As a graphic designer, there are numerous ways for you to make money from home. Therefore these are the 9 best websites for graphic designers to make money online.

You should consider each of them and have a closer look at their payment methods and types of graphic design jobs that are available on each platform.

These are the best sites for graphic designers to make money if they decide to go freelance. So, which website you are going to choose from our list? Let me know in the comment section below.

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