9 Best Amazon Proofreading Jobs To Earn More Than $18 Per Hour

Proofreading is integral to the publishing process, ensuring that all written material is free of errors and reads clearly. With the rise of technology and the increasing availability of the internet, more companies are turning to remote proofreading jobs to help with their publishing needs.

Such a case is with the Amazon proofreading jobs that involve reading written material to identify and correct errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling, and other aspects of writing. It is a highly specialized skill that requires close attention to detail and a thorough knowledge of the English language.

Amazon provides an online platform for proofreading jobs that you can do in your spare time. Amazon proofreading jobs are available for all levels of experience, from beginner to experienced.

Beginner proofreaders can start by completing short projects for Amazon customers, such as proofreading product descriptions and descriptions for Amazon Kindle books. Experienced proofreaders can work on more complex project types, such as editing and rewriting books and other long-form documents.

This article will explore the world of Amazon proofreading jobs and how you can use these roles to make money from the comfort of your home.

Do You Need to Have any Experience to Get a Job as Amazon Proofreader?

amazon jobs for proofreading

Since you can work from home, getting paid as a freelance proofreader is an excellent job. There are no educational criteria or experience requirements for positions as an Amazon proofreader.

Additionally, even though customers can utilize automated tools for proofreading, the human eye is still necessary for greater output. For you to be able to spot spelling and grammar mistakes, you only need to have rudimentary proofreading skills.

As a result, you can use your grammar abilities while expanding your freelancing network. However, if you’re starting, you can struggle with the industry norms because proofreading involves more than just finding errors; it also entails presenting your suggestions in a style that an editor can understand.

There are different courses online that are willing to teach you basic proofreading techniques; these online courses are there to teach you. Along with teaching the basics of proofreading, these courses help attract clients and improve your visibility in front of clients.

How Much Do Amazon Proofreading Jobs Pay?

how much amazon proofreading job pay

The Amazon proofreading jobs’ pay depends upon the production. You can earn more if you proofread more; the more product descriptions you can proofread in a day, the more you can earn.

If you take up a project proofreading a single book. You can get an average amount of $450 by correcting grammatical mistakes. Proofreading is a side hustle for you, and you can easily make a good amount of money. An average salary of an Amazon proofreader is $45,037 per year, which tends to increase with online work.

Where Can You Find Amazon Proofreading Jobs?

There are different platforms on which you can easily find Amazon proofreading jobs; these include; Upwork, Fiverr, and many more. When you are new to online earning platforms, finding work is challenging, as you have to make your gig and portfolio in such a way that attracts different clients and gets you to work.

Finding the first job is a hustle, but when your profile starts to get jobs, you have good ratings and reviews. Some of the best platforms to find Amazon proofreading jobs include;


Fiverr is one of the best platforms for freelancers to find jobs worldwide. There are different categories of jobs available on this platform, including marketing, writing, business, lifestyle, industries, and translation.

If you are a beginner at Amazon proofreading, it is one of the best platforms to try your luck and earn money as an Amazon proofreader. You can add different skills to your gig, including; proofreading products and eBooks, writing product descriptions, and other listings.

You need to open an account on Fiverr and add the service you are willing to provide to your clients. You will also need to add your gig showing all your skills and previous work.

This account opening is free; you can use your email, google, Facebook, or apple account to sign up. You do not need any subscription to register on this platform and can easily navigate through the interface.


  • Fiverr gives you the best platform to earn money.
  • You can make multiple accounts to exhibit different skills if you have more than one.
  • Fiverr connects you with potential clients.
  • Several options from which you have to choose.


  • Fiverr keeps a little commission from your money on each offer you make.
  • Profile approval and ratings might take some time.
  • It takes time to find potential clients to apply.
  • Your growth will be slow at the start.


Upwork is one of the best American freelancer marketplaces, with more than 5 million clients and more than 18 million workers working from home their flexible hours from across the country. Upwork is a great company that posts more than 1 billion-dollar jobs annually.

This platform offers different jobs, including; virtual assistance, freelance writing, proofreading editing, and web development. Upwork is well-known for providing jobs for both native and ESL speakers, and they do not need any prior experience or academic level.

When a client approaches you and your contract with him, the amount gets deducted from his account and held by Upwork until you submit the work. After submitting your work, the payment credits are in your account. The chances of finding a high-paying job are great.


  • The pay rate depends upon the job, and the amount can vary from $5 to $5,000.
  • You can earn a good amount if you know the art of negotiation.
  • There are high-paying clients on Upwork.
  • It gives a lot of remote work opportunities.
  • Upwork provides different jobs, and these jobs get updated every second.


  • Upwork keeps 20% of the commission on every offer you make.
  • Finding authentic clients becomes a tough job.
  • Upwork crashed sometimes and took time to get fixed.


Flexjobs are one of the best platforms to find Amazon proofreading jobs. This platform is best for people who are looking for remote home-based jobs. You can make an account on flex and get a one-week free trial; after this, you have to pay to create an account.

You can also get some premium plans and enjoy unlimited access to the available jobs and many other royalties. After getting the premium plan on flex, you can enjoy an ad-free version of this platform. After signing up, you can find multiple Amazon proofreading jobs uploaded by potential clients ready to hire you.


  • It contains different premium plans for you with many royalties.
  • The risk of fake clients is less than on other platforms.
  • You can make money on your timetable and decide your schedule in which you can meet deadlines.


  • The signup is not free; you must pay a reasonable amount to make an account on this platform.
  • Premium packages are costly but come with many royalties.
  • Work-from-home options are less comparatively.

Virtual Positions

Amazon has a separate job page that says virtual position page. Millions of job offers ask you to do remote freelancing from your home, and the tasks are minor with excellent earnings.

You can grow your career with the help of these jobs; all you need to do is filter the job by categorizing it on your location and skills, categorize them into proofreading jobs, and find several related jobs.

If you want to check your proofreading skills, you can take the proofreading quiz to check if you are compatible with applying for these jobs. You should possess sharp eagle eyes to detect mistakes, have a deep understanding of grammar, and have good communication skills to interact with potential clients.

Moreover, you must be disciplined and adhere to your time to work within the deadlines without any problem. You can also take proofreading training to become a professional proofreader. 


  • Amazon jobs are authentic and pay well.
  • If you know basic proofreading, you can go a long way on Amazon.
  • If you get proofreading certification from Amazon, you will get jobs on any other freelancing platform.


  • These jobs can be difficult to find sometimes.
  • There are millions of jobs and many more applicants, with fewer chances for beginners.

Kindle Books

Kindle books is a platform that helps you access different eBooks, magazines, newspapers, and other digital media that you can use. This platform also needs proofreaders who can proofread all their content. Amazon Kindle is one of the famous platforms involved in direct printing.

The authors working on Amazon publish their books directly; this is where the need for an eBook proofreader arises. Amazon Kindle offers millions of proofreading jobs to make their publishing smooth and free of all errors.

Amazon Kindle is always under some development, and Amazon never fails to bring different kinds of updates to this platform. There are different types of tools available on Amazon that can help you proofread.


  • Amazon Kindle is relevant, modern, and applicable in all situations.
  • You can access Amazon Kindle in many forms.
  • Amazon keeps updating the Kindle software and lets in different types of software and hardware.


  • They require an experienced and highly qualified proofreader as the publishing is direct.
  • If you are a beginner, your luck might not work on Amazon Kindle.

Get Clients Directly

If you are tired of finding jobs on other platforms with no clients, you can try finding Amazon proofreading jobs directly. You can connect to clients via social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Facebook has many freelancing and Amazon job groups through which you can find work. Clients are finding potential proofreaders who can provide them with the professional hand they need for their job. They need proofreading in their books, news, magazines, or essays.

If you have a firm grip on grammar and know how to take out minor mistakes from a massive volume of reading. You can find jobs in these groups by letting the members know about your skills.

Twitter is also one of the best platforms to find Amazon proofreading jobs, you need to find the appropriate hashtags that say Amazon proofreading jobs, and you will see several jobs lying there waiting for you.


  • Getting clients directly will help you gain good money.
  • There will be no commission deducted for the third-party app.
  • You can work on your flexible hours and find a job online as soon as the previous one finishes.


  • You might not find work more frequently.
  • Jobs are lesser as compared to other freelancing apps like Upwork and Fiverr.

Amazon Product Listing Proofreading Jobs

When you have the image of a product, it is suitable for your business, but a concise, strong product description that s concise and attracts many clients are what you need. Amazon is working globally and hiring people from across the globe, no matter what their native language is.

If they know the language, they want their work in the problem to be solved. Amazon is spending good money on product listing proofreading; they want to find professional proofreaders who know what they are doing.

Before landing on the product listing proofreading job, you should have a full grip on; correcting syntax errors, checking sentence structure, adding vocabulary recommendations, and ensuring better flow in the product listing.


  • Your pay will be higher if you have more instructions and experience.
  • You can get $5 for a single listing of 2000 words.
  • If a client is satisfied with the quality of work you provide, you can get a long-term project from the same client.


  • Some listings are shorter, just a few hundred; in that case, the pay rate is $0.004 to $0.005 per word.
  • Amazon hires nothing but professional and high-quality workers to give them the opportunity of working together.

Amazon Affiliate Blogs Proofreading Jobs

Amazon has become one of the leading online shopping marketplaces across the world. Its popularity and the number of people gaining income from this platform are mind-blowing. T

here are several jobs available on Amazon that you can find according to your skills, but if you are a proofreader and want to find a proofreading job. Amazon affiliate blogs professional jobs are here for your help.

There are several affiliate blog posts available on Amazon in which you have to proofread the content uploaded by several marketplaces on Amazon.

Many bloggers and site owners become Amazon associates and get to advertise Amazon in their blogs and other posts on their sites. As ordinary people with no grammar experience write these blogs, Amazon hires proofreaders to check for mistakes in their content.

As this content is read by many who later become potential customers of Amazon products, Amazon must ensure the text is free of errors.


  • Amazon gives this opportunity to beginners, collegegoers, and others starting their proofreading careers.
  • There are thousands of blog posts about Amazon products, and many more jobs are there for proofreading them.


  • These blog posts are conversational, and you might need to make them more formal, depending on the product.
  • This work requires some product research to ensure the details are correct, apart from the grammatical errors.


PeoplePerHour is one of the best UK-based freelancing platforms and has worked effectively since 2007. You can register and signup on this platform for free after filling out the information, and then you need to set up your profile and research Amazon proofreading jobs.

After finding a bunch of proofreading jobs, you need to filter these jobs according to your requirement. Now take each job, read the specification, and apply to the project you think you can do; along with this, check the eligibility criteria of the job.

After this, you can send your job post to the client, and the potential client will check your application and get back to you if you prove eligible and qualified.


  • It is a global platform with access to global and local buyers.
  • You can easily use this platform as it is easy to use and navigate through.


  • You will have to negotiate on every order as the clients are not willing to pay a reasonable amount at first.

Final Thoughts

Proofreading is one of the powerful skills for earning online. Different tools can do the work of a proofreader, but nothing can outstand the sharpness of a human eye. There are different sources from where you can find Amazon proofreading jobs, and most of them are given above, including; Upwork, Fiverr, and many other options.

If your skills are developing and you are working on your skills, you can take up these jobs as a skill enhancement and gain experience as practice makes a man practice. Proofreading jobs are an excellent opportunity to earn as a side hustle for writers and proofreaders.

There are plenty of legit jobs available on Amazon and other freelancing websites. This article contains complete information about where you can find Amazon proofreading jobs. I hope you find your way of earning as a freelance proofreader on Amazon.

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